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  1. Hi every one! I use winxp on 60 gb,setup as master and 120gb part win98 other part MD9.0 with swap partition with dvd,cd-rw,250mb zip drive and it did not even crashes or what ever.I`m habby with it but sorry can`t help because it work I don`t why. Mandrake-user :D
  2. Mandriva-user


    What kind of sound card do you have ? I have Creative SB live works very good with MD9.0 and should work with 9.1 to.
  3. Well I have xp on 50gb, win98 and linux on 120 gb it works fine on my computer. Lilo can handl that no problemo.
  4. Ixthusdan I use epox no problem at all but where can I get mandrake 9.1 ? Ciao md-user
  5. johnnyv johnnyv wrote: Is it possible could you tell me please where to look for mandrake 9.1 and the motherboard is a EPOX EP-8KTA3PRO/+PRO and I thing so I don`t have may no problem with the Epox MB?. Thank`s for your info. Ciao md-user :roll:
  6. Hi!!! I`m back again and I got linux installed "mandrake 9.0" and it recognize everything,I just using online with linux for now not anymore windoooowwws.One thing is I did not partitioning my self someone else did it,my friend told me I`m very lucky that my linux recognize my large WD 120 gb HD. I will have few question on you gentleman. Ciao mandrake-user
  7. Counterspy Your right Counterspy It is a bug in Mandrake 9.0,the upgrade md 9.1,the supermount bug is it fixed or does any one upgrade MD 9.1 and can tell us if supermount for zip drive is fixed already(bug)?.
  8. May your mouse is trying to like you hahahahahahahahahahahahah :D :lol: :wink:
  9. JaseP You are right about that`s I like it about linux because of external hardware you don`t need software for it if it support the brand new hardware. But if we get brand new ext.hardware will it support it?
  10. You know what I use no one using it heeeeeheeeeheee I use my wife :D :D 8) :lol:
  11. Ronin Oooohhh good I didn`t know that tnx ronin for your help so why people tell me you should run windows on master hard drive & linux at slave hd,why is that? Ciao
  12. Well i like to run only one OS and it is linux because I use two hard drive one is run windows98,he told me you should run windows on master hard drive & linux at slave hd. O.k.let say I get a brand new computer with out any OS,is it possible to install linux OS?
  13. Hi! Is there a computer that only linux can run with out lindows? Ciao mandrake-user :roll:
  14. makra You talking about security problem will never solved there will be a hole always it is matter of time to find the leak in firewall. Ciao
  15. makra You and everyone I got only one copy of office 2000 and the rest I have legal software,so if the law will knock on my door,I will tell them come in. I have nothing to hide. Best regards Mandrake-user
  16. Is there a way to find out when they shipped the first fish chip on the board is it possible to find out. Ciao
  17. illogic-al I`ll thank you for your help. Ciao mandrake-user :wink:
  18. Hi !! What happen with OPENLINUX eDESKTOP 2.4 and up? I don`t see or hear anything about it,is it still around? Ciao mandrake-user :wink:
  19. You can`t do anything because the board is out now and it stay that way or you can get used computer in a future with out it . I`m not concern about that my next computer will run only linux os :wink: :D . Ciao mandrake-user
  20. Do you know one of the laptop/notbook got already Fritz chips build in begin last year about bet. april & may. Ciao MD-user
  21. Now I understand why is only 111.xx hd space, Here's a link to Western Digital's explanation, which is much more lucid than mine Tnx for helping me.
  22. ndeb can we fix it or is it to late,but on that 120gb hd is empty? U can run df -B <SIZE> where: Quote: SIZE may be (or may be an integer optionally followed by) one of following: kB 1000, K 1024, MB 1,000,000, M 1,048,576, and so on for G, T, P, E, Z, Y. U can run df -B <SIZE> where: You saying run df -B <size (G)> where: . How can I find out which size is G , T , P , E , Z , Y?. Tnx for help.
  23. Hi !! I let install second WD hd 120gb and I looked into it and just have 111 gb free space. Where is all those rest of 9 gb? My first is as master 60 gb hard drive slave 120gb hd. Thank you for your big help. Ciao mike01
  24. I will install win98se/winXP pro upgrade on 60gbhd and any linux os on 120gb hd will it interfere with windows in the future?. But which one should be master 60gb or 120gb. Tnx for helping for that questions.
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