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  1. SoulSe, Phantom is in right direction thanx SoulSe for your info.
  2. Phantom, Thanx I will be back few days ask you gentlemen which hardware is compatibility with linux. For linux,I ask before I go out shopping.
  3. Phantom, Will any linux work very good on that Barebones labtob? ;)
  4. I`m looking to build with Amd 64 technology 3800+ Fx53(55) Graphiccard? DVD Burnner? 15" screen 40gb HD........? And I can need help from you please :unsure:
  5. What about AMD64 3200 to 3600+ if is out there,not pentium what ever so. So what you think about battery life on AMD64 3200 to 3600+. Of course I`m looking smaller screen 14-15" screen in the future I have 19-21 HDTV for my laptop computer.
  6. Well now it`s time to look around till my birthday,I got few months to go and I`m asking your gentlemen which laptop is the best for any Linux OS with all the bell`s like one comes with DvD driver.... Thanx for helping me Mandriva-user EDIT: I've pinned this topic as the official place to discuss Linux laptops. If you are looking for a Linux laptop, please post you requirements here. And checkout this post first. Any "which laptop should I buy thread" posted seperately will be merged here. -SoulSe (Forum Moderator)
  7. How power full is Mandriva is more powerful any OS? B) [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  8. VeeDubb thank you for your info that helps me,again thank you.
  9. B) Hmm is there a free mandriva to uplaod ?. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  10. Well that is a good idea lets change it why not,let to it. So can I log in on Monday evening mandriva-user?.
  11. I agree to vote for a new name for Mandriva do you think?
  12. Dyslexic, Let us know about Mandriva Linux 2005 Limited Edition will be coming out that will be nice from you. From Mandrake-user
  13. Well I look up for Apple powerbook G4 15.2" superdrive comes with few software installed for about 3000Candian$ is it ok with any linux version and that apple with voice recognize is many years ahead then then the winblows. Thank you ladies & gentlemen
  14. That what I like to hear. Thank you to let me know and the disscussion is over,thank you every one it takes times to get the right answer,I didn`t have no problem with Mandrake 8.1- 9.1 or 9.2 with all the hardware . Ooooh I can get the new one Suse Pro for 100.00 $ Canadian that is incl. taxes can you get a better price ? Thank you every one to solve my problem Gentleman. Mandrake-user
  15. I know every one will read that one, LiquidZoo so you saying every LCD is better ,that infact that sony you paying for the name, but I didn`t know that Viewsonic you or I`m paying for the name. So any LCD will to it?,but what is the different of LCD and CRT? Thank you for your info.
  16. Well one gentleman got the same proble like me and know one try to help that is ok,that is my second resource in that forum to look for a answer see yaaaaa. today was my last q. for you gentleman.Bye,bye or tschues,
  17. Now I`m looking a 21"MONITOR TV LCD with HDTV I know in 100% that lots of people saying that SONY MONITOR in 6 to 8 years the color tube getting bad,first few years the picture is very good but then it`s goes downhill. Is out there can tell me which one before Sony,let say NEC,PANASONIC,VIEWSONIC......which one is the better one and I looking to spend 1200-1500US$and any one have a idea. Thank for your extra time and effort. Mandrake-user
  18. bvc I go in bootsplash and download it but how do I install it in mandrake that is the first time I will install a software. I click on bootsplash.org and I click download,which one should I download a file? Is it possible that you can help me please and I thank you for your extra time.
  19. Zwar werde ich es versuchen ,tankeschoen fuer ihre hilfe. Mandrake-user
  20. Interesting point. I am leaning towards suse for my server simply because it seems a more commercially orientated product and I need one that is going to be around plus I can get local technical support if I need it. I would try building my own computer and have done so with somebody watching but I need to get up and working. As a business user there is a limit to how much time I want to spend becoming an It expert. On the other hand this forum is great which tends to make mandrake attractive for that reason alone. Initially I bought one of the mandrake box sets and found the manuals etc from a newbies point of view completely underwhelming and little use. I had a very basic problem setting up the software that evenually I got sussed with the help of this forum despite some numpty telling me to RTFM which was a bit difficult as I couldn't get beyond initial set up. From a purely personal point of view I want a commercially successful linux distribution that I can depend on. From a small business point of view any alternative to windows has got to have access to something like the range of manuals etc you can get with windows or if necessary some method of training staff. In a way linux has quite a good business model, try for nothing and if you like it buy it with more bells and whistles if that's what you need or keep the basic and keep playing. I also need to make sure I pick a file format for storing scanned files and other information that will still be accessible ten years from now. kind of rules out ms office It's a different concern when you are planning that far in advance future proofing comes in to it a lot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your saying that you build your own computer,I build my computer and before I started I try to get all info. about hardware that will work with Mandrake Linux. When just get a computer I don`t know what I get for my Canadian $,so I talk into me to build a computer.
  21. What should I look for to install picture in to boot theme? Thank can any one me please. Mandrake-user [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  22. Well I run Amiga Monitor & sony 17" monitor it works fine one my system.I can`t remember how I did it.I`m sorry I can`t help you.
  23. Which firewall comes with the Mandrake 10.0? for your time and effort. Mandrake-User
  24. Gentleman thank you for your help,it didn`t help but I reformat my linux partition installed from scratch. But I have one Q. I will posting in Security. and thank you for your time and effort. Mandrake-user
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