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  1. I cant even get that far in the install setup if i leave it set to 6800 it well not even boot to the prompt EDIT : I got it to boot to the promt how do i install kernel soruce from the prompt the dvd is on cdrom1
  2. Ok i am doing a new install of 10.1 official DVD what i need to know is there a default set up so i can get the video to work in the setup it see my card as a 6800 but it will not work with that setup i need to install kernel source so i can install nvidia drivers Thanks
  3. now i can d/l the 10.1 iso
  4. I got a cheap router today that made the set up so fast and easy :D DSL is the best
  5. YES 2004-12-14 22:01:55 EST: 206 / 98 Your download speed : 211679 bps, or 206 kbps. A 25.8 KB/sec transfer rate. Your upload speed : 100626 bps, or 98 kbps.
  6. just got it set up in XP speed is way off only 215.4 kilobits per second it should be 1.5mb my ISp need to fix it but it is better then dial up The modem is lan or usb i will be getting a router this weekend Edit : I have never set up a net or had dsl. So google is my friend time to do some reading and if you know of any good how to's that would be a big help. Thanks agin
  7. I will be getting Dsl on the 14 th so i need to know what is the best PPPoE client to use ? And is there an other stuff i need to read up on ? Mandrake 10.official Thanks
  8. Go into preferences /web features and set Allow web sites to install software
  9. I tried wvdial but never got to work. Have you tried KPPP it is much better i think
  10. jmanjeff

    Issue with Firefox

    Did you install firefox as root or user
  11. I am in Arkansas and http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ works for me just tryed it
  12. i have gone 100% linux to day no more windows . I will stay mandrake for main OS but will look at other distros as i learn more .
  13. I am not running 10.1 but in 10 it is under Hardware / graphical server / options
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