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  1. garf

    qjackctl + 2005

    ighty guys got it all working, it seems it was a problem with the icon as i thought, i uninstalled the rpm and got the latest version from the projects web site and built it from there and it all runs perfectly now!! including realtime facilities with the new kernel go on up and mark this one as solved garf
  2. i agree with john, once your logged into what ever enviroment your using is dosent matter if the slapsh screen was present or not, but as pre stated it does let you know if there is a display problem and is nifty in its own little way, but hey its your puter, tweak it how you want, if your looking for tips to speed things up further try the speed up firefox post, that really helps!!
  3. cheers guys, thats sorted it, would have got there eventually, but its just a lil faster askin you guys
  4. i just upgraded kde 3.4, and now all the icons on the task bar have a big annoying box that comes up when you hover over it with your mouse, any ideas how to get rid of this, short of placing a big sticker on my monitor to cover it over? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. garf


    i found the same problem, the task bar was set to 'expand as required to fit contents' under 'k > system > configuration > configure your desktop', then goto 'LookNFeel > panels' and there will be a check box there that you uncheck hope this helps
  6. garf

    qjackctl + 2005

    the kicker background is blue, so that isnt an option, its got to be sumthing small as on my other version of mandrake (10.1) i dont have this problem, and it has the same version is jack on it cheers for the suggestions tho edit : i was just thinking maybe its a problem with the actual icon that it uses when its started, that would explain why its running but not in the tray, where would i find the icons for this?
  7. garf

    qjackctl + 2005

    i forgot to mention that i have already checked that, it docks to the system tray when jack is stopped, but once its started it dissappears (if thats how you spell it, im crap at spelling!!), that was the first thing i checked, as pre-mentioned its still running but not in the system tray. im horn boggled on this one guys
  8. garf

    qjackctl + 2005

    hey guys, just set up jack with qjackctl to do recording with ardour/rosegarden, everything is running fine except when qjackctl starts and (should) minimise tot eh stsyem tray, there is no sign of it. it is all running as ardour needs it to be so it can run, i have confirmed it is running using the 'top' command. i know it seems like a lil bit of a whinge, but its rather quiet important, any help would be kewl
  9. garf

    mandriva live cd

    this is probabily in the wrong topic (it best fits here from what i can tell) but how would you make a live mandriva cd? here is the situation: at college i am studying music production, but all the computers there are windows based, so i want to make a live mandriva cd with all the audio applications i use set up how i like it so i can take my 'enviroment' with me any help will be kewl garf [moved from Workbench by spinynorman]
  10. ighty if you goto sitepoint.com there is a free download of a book called something like "building dynamic webpages with mysql and php" its got a good section on installing and configureing apache/php/mysql im sure its the http.conf file you need, if not illset it up again on my box in the mornin and tell you exactly what is needed
  11. i think the mail() funtion have to be sent in the http.conf of your web server (i use apache) u uncomment the line and change the path to sendmail
  12. nice one, thats dorted it, i was almost there aswell, i was looking through my settings in thunderbird and realised it used port 995 to et in, just couldnt find the paramiter i needed in the fetchmail man page (it a beast of a man pages) anywho, its working now, so ill carry on eworkin on my superkaramba project
  13. i have got fetchmail working (almost) it checks my email, recognises if there is new mail but seems to hang when it comes to downloading it, if theres no mail it finished correctly i thought to start with it was downloading it but takin its time, but it was a blank email with no subject, theoretically there should be very little in such an email and should only take a short time to download p.s it cant seem to access gmail's server, i think its because it uses pop but im not sure if its pop2 or pop3, both dont seem to work, and gmail was the main account i wanted to use this for
  14. garf

    interactive desktop

    superkaramba is doin what i want so far, im just working on fetchmail at the moment, not a fun task but ill let you all know how it goes and post my code up here if anybodys interested
  15. i dont really like .wmv anywho, even back in the day when i used windows they were pants, most of the time they jumped and has crappy sound quality
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