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    The only way that I can reproduce your problem is to open Kmail > Settings > Configure Filters > Classify as Spam > Filter Actions > Mark As > and leave the drop down box on the right empty. Have you checked that this box is set to 'Spam'? The same would go for > Classify as Not Spam > set this box to 'Ham'.
  2. The chattr command should also work on ext2. I only know of harddrake and Xfdrake that might rewrite that file.
  3. If you're using an ext3 file system, you could try using chattr to add the 'i' file attribute. As root do chattr +i /etc/X11/xorg.conf then it shouldn't change until you remove that attribute.
  4. If you're using the i586 version, here's a direct link to it: rp-pppoe-3.8-6mdv2009.1.i586.rpm download it to a convenient location, then transfer it to your other system and install it by double clicking on it.
  5. I've also been using the .json files since Firefox 3 was released. You will find them in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default/bookmarkbackups directory. Before I upgrade or install a new system I open Firefox and go to > Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Backup, then save that 'dated json' file to a convenient location. Then after you install your new system, open firefox and import it. Your bookmarks will be the same as before.
  6. I believe that you need the rp-pppoe package installed, and I'm not sure if the Mandriva One CD includes it. Please open a terminal and post the output of rpm -qa | grep -i rp-pppoe if it's not listed in that output, you will need to d/l it with another system and install it in the Mandriva system.
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    If it doesn't play properly on the windows media player (I'm not sure), they can always install the VLC player for windows.
  8. Could you post the error here for us to see, and explain how you are configuring the connection? Welcome aboard! :)
  9. A Gnome user that has never played gegls from outer space! :o
  10. I like gegls from outer space... :D
  11. You're welcome. Would you please add your confirmation that this works to the bug report, so it will be fixed with an update for others?
  12. I've found a fix in bug report #50139 - comment #4 cd /usr/lib/cups/backend chmod 700 parallel You could try that, and please add your info to that report. Let us know if it works for you.
  13. Please don't post the same problem more than once on the forum. This causes the information that may help you (and others) to be fragmented into several threads. :)
  14. Try opening a terminal (or alt + f2) and enter mdkapplet. I can't check if that works because I did more than say no, I removed mine.
  15. It wasn't a joke on you or about you. It was something 'that I would try' to fix a system that was opening gedit instead of nautilus when clicking places > directory... if I was using Gnome and had that problem. However, since I'm not using Gnome I can't test it for you. :)
  16. The joy of mixing two versions of KDE! When you installed digikam from the 2009.0 repos, you installed a KDE4 app, which installed about 30 depends for KDE4 including the libs that digicam depends on. Then you installed digikam from the 2008.1 repos, which installed almost everything to the wrong location for your KDE3 2009.0 system. In 2008.1 the KDE3 directories where in /usr/lib/kde3 but in 2009.0 the KDE3 directories are in /opt/kde3/lib/kde3 and if you check your services $PATH with kde-config --path services you will find that services are in /opt/kde3/share/services The 2008.1 rpm you installed placed them in /usr/share/services If you would or have uninstalled all of the KDE4 stuff that was installed as depends for the KDE4 digikam rpm you installed, then installed the digikam depends from the 2008.1 repos. You may be able to symlink all of this to work for you. However there are so many digikam depends, I would not give this very good odds. For the record, I use gtkam because of this mess.
  17. I don't have Gnome on a system at this time, but it sounds like gconfd is causing the settings to return. So I would suggest doing mv ~/.gconf ~/.gconf-old killall gconfd rm ~/.gconfd/saved_state gnome-panel & Then log out and login, then reconfigure your desktop. Disclaimer: I've never tried this, but you will have all of your settings in the gconf-old directory if it doesn't work. So you shouldn't have any problems... that you can't fix? :)
  18. Greg2

    OO Calc

    theYinYeti was having a similar issue with syntax errors in this thread. He filed a bug report here: bug #45269 I would suggest that you add your info to that report. Maybe with more than one user reporting problems it will get some attention.
  19. You're welcome and thank you, neddie! I have been using KDE 3.5.10 with 2009.0 since it was released on at least one system. I repackaged several rpms so I would not have to make symlinks to get them to work properly. That's how I know where the files 'should be'. :) Here's a screenshot of my lappy's KDE 3.5.10 desktop: Show off your desktop - April 2009 – me :D
  20. That's a 2007.1 rpm that depends on a xxxx-kde-config-2009.0 rpm. That combo places the file in ‎/usr/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/smoothslidesaver.desktop and if you're using KDE 3 the files should be in ‎/opt/kde3/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/, so you could try a symlink to /opt/kde3/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/smoothslidesaver.desktop However, I'm guessing that you're not concerned about this anymore because you're probably installing 2009.0 to get rid of the new xorg-server problems.
  21. That's what I'm using on my three year old laptop. I can confirm that it works very well with KDE 3.5.10 :)
  22. The intel driver is currently in poor shape and doesn't play very well (if at all) with the new xorg-server. Here's some more info on this in one of my post. Please read the rest of that thread and follow the links I gave yossarian. I can also confirm that the new xorg-server 1.6.1 doesn't work properly with older* ati and nvidia cards... with the current drivers offered. *older can be ati video chipsets installed in laptops as recently as three years ago. :sad:
  23. That looks more hardware related instead of driver/software related IMHO. What's the output of fgl_glxgears at least three lines. Is the new graphics-card fan running?
  24. That's not an easy task, there are several system programs that depend on the libc libs, and all of those programs would have to be recompiled using the new glibc. I would not suggest trying to do that. I have just checked and openldap-2.4.15-1 is in the official 2009.0 /media/main/backports repo if that helps you.
  25. What version of Mandriva are you using? What is the output of cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep -i driver and fglrxinfo
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