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  1. Why don't you uninstall your linux and reinstall with the expert option. Boot off of CD1 and select expert install. When you get to the partition screen, you can 1. delete each linux partition. 2. Click Auto-configure and select the /usr option. At this point, note the new partition sizes and mount points on a piece of paper. Your swap will probably be around 250 meg in size. The paper will help you later when you explore. Then continue with the install.
  2. What url are you typing in?
  3. Cannonfodder


    I think you are referring to the linux crypt() program. Regardless of whether Mandrake 9 has this installed by default, you can locate the crypt RPM, download it, and install it. One place to look is rpmfind.net. Type in crypt at the search prompt and you will get a list to download.
  4. Sure it is :) Post any followup questions here..
  5. Not sure what you are asking but apache is to web servers what redhat is to servers. Used all around the word and doesn't have the constant security breaches that you hear about with IIS.
  6. A good place to start is to install webmin. This is a browser based interface for managing your linux system. It's compatible with Mandrake. Log in as root and open a console. Then type urpmi webmin Should install it. When done, log out and log back in as your regular user. Then open your browser and go to https://localhost:10000/ I think that's right. If not, open a console and type webmin and read the instructions. Once you are there, you log in as root with root password and start exploring. In your case, click on the servers tab and start playing around..
  7. That's a good way to go. The NTFS partition can be minimum size (even minus swap) and the share can be destroyed or whatnot without ruining your installation of NT. I do the same, but also have the second drive.
  8. Your other alternative, assuming you really want read/write access to and from windows is to reinstall windows as a fat32 partition. Linux doesn't have any issues with fat32..
  9. One of the advantages of SystemCommander is that you can specify an OS that you want to install and it will make the partition (wherever it is) the C: drive. This really helps when installing different OS's. As far as the boot part of it, there's no advantage over lilo or grub. It's up to you, but one thing to consider is that you can learn Mandrake Linux (or any linux) and not for the purpose of migrating but because you find it a challange. It's not everyone's challange but many users stay with windows and learn linux for fun. It's like becoming an automechanic :) If you do decide to do so, I would just invest in the second drive or find an used hard drive for cheap. That way you don't have to worry about your first drive.
  10. From really really heavy experience with your situation... I would.. 1. Lose System Commander. Depending on your version (mine was v5.5), it is not entirely compatible with linux extended. I've lost my entire hard drive on a number of occasions until I gave up on System Commander. It's wrong about the 8 meg limit. That's old.. 2. Buy a second drive and put linux on this. This not only gives you more space for a cheap price but you will never have any issues surrounding your windows partitions mixed with your linux partitions. You can leave your system command installed but disabled until such time you need it. 3. If you use system commander, then it will simply boot lilo when you select linux. Then you have to select again. It's not worth it. I seriously tried to stick to System Commander because I liked the application. Just so you know. After a while though, I realized that the only thing I needed it for was to install an OS that is not in the first partition (e.g. I have win2k in my extended partition). Even then I learned to do it without it. If you stick with one drive and then make modifications to your partition table with System Commander, you stand to lose all your partitions after you install linux. Also, if you stick to one drive, you need to do this.. hda1 - win98 hda5 - other win Then install Mandrake in expert mode. When you create your linux partitions, make each partition Extended-82 (not the extended option). If you don't you are going to be so screwed by System commander. My problems went away when I shelled out 80 bucks for a new hard drive and dropped System Commander.
  11. I've used news-grabber on windows. It's probably one of the nicest apps despite its age. The creator was working on a version called zeonews but I haven't checked it out yet..
  12. I just tried getbinnews... Just want to say that whoever wrote it is a skillled programmer who is totally lost on how to design a functional GUI. What a mess to work with!
  13. One possibility may be your /etc/fstab file. Do you have mount permissions setup in there for your user id? I'm stretching here so don't laugh at me :P
  14. If you just want to read mail from several pop accounts, you just need a client that supports it. E.g. sylpheed
  15. Well you probably mucked up your lilo.conf file. If you can replace it with the original and then install it with the lilo command it would fix it. here's my lilo.conf file.. boot=/dev/hda map=/boot/map vga=normal default=Windows2000 keytable=/boot/us.klt prompt nowarn timeout=3000 message=/boot/message menu-scheme=wb:bw:wb:bw ignore-table image=/boot/vmlinuz label=Mandrake9 root=/dev/hdc5 initrd=/boot/initrd.img append="devfs=mount hdd=ide-scsi" vga=788 read-only other=/dev/hda1 label=Windows2000 table=/dev/hda It pays to backup important files before making changes. As you found out, changing lilo.conf incorrectly can prevent you from getting into linux. If you had a backup then you could restore. Not harrassing you, just pointing it out as a valuable lesson :)
  16. She does have php installed. I think she has it turned on in the apache modules screen (in webmin/servers/apache/apache modules). I'm not sure what else she is missing.
  17. You can check out www.partimage.org and get the bootable cd. This allows you to have no partitions on the drive mounted but you can still do something else. Also, ranish partition manager may support reiserfs resizing. Partimage will allow you to image a partition, but you have to restore to an equal size or greater size, not less.
  18. Ever hear of the problem where xcdroast won't see both of your CD drives? Do some searching on the web and find a link that discusses in detail how to correct this problem. I think you will find your solution in there. There was more to it than just changing the /etc/fstab file. Did this back in 8.2) but haven't tried it in 9 or I would provide a link.
  19. Are you accessing your NTFS shares through samba? If so, you are ok. The problem is attempting to mount local NTFS partitions on your drive with read/write access. But if you are doing it over a network, its different..
  20. First place to look should always be rpmfind.net :) http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.p...ubmit=Search+...
  21. fuzzy, what do emac's IDE programmers use for a debugger? Is a debugger integrated into the IDE?
  22. I'm not positive, but after mounting your partitions if you still can't use vim, try That should do it..
  23. You can check www.freshmeat.net and type in IDE for the search. Lots of different projects. A professional IDE for C/C++ that's been around for a while (used to use it on the macintosh) is www.codewarrior.com . They have a linux version (never used it). But I used to really like it..
  24. Doesn't the software come with an INSTALL or README file? Anytime you download a tar package, you should scan the files for them as they generally contain detailed instructions on how to compile.
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