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  1. Hey All As someone who loves there dreamweaver more than life itself, It will be good to see it ported to Linux, I miss using it to do my Web design work, quanta is nice, but it is nothing on dreamweaver, and also freehand is great Enjoy !!
  2. I think it is a great idea that linux is going to the desktop on a corporate level
  3. Way cool site, added to the trusty bookmarks !!
  4. Hey All, After using KDE since RH 7.2, i switched to Gnome. but these days i use xfce on mandrake 9.2, it isnt that bad, if anyone knows of another Window Manager that is like this, small and powerfull yet funky enough to customize then id like to know about it, also i am fond of Running TWM with the gnome-panel Enjoy !!
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