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  1. Hey all, I need to connect to a remote office via VPN. I have installed PPTP client and have been able to make a connection (shows up as ppp0 and gives me an IP address). My problem lies in that I am unable to actually connect to one of the machines on that network ie. It appears that I am unable to route through to that network. I have manually added following route command: route add -net netmask dev ppp0 Still cannot connect. Any ideas would be greaty appreciated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 19, 2004 Any ideas? I really need to get this working so I can get off of Windoze completely.
  2. One of my servers is receiving the following errors: EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,2)): read_block_bitmap: Cannot read block bitmap-block-group = 89, block_bitmap = 2916352 Any ideas on what I should do?
  3. Hey all, Just bought a D-Link 802.11g card for my laptop but am not able to get it to work under Mandy 10. Any help or location for drivers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hey all, Does anyone know how to migrate and IMAP structure from a Linux server to a Kerio mail server on Macs (clients request, no my recommendation)? Is this even possible? Any thoughts or comments on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Streeter, that got me back up and running. I will go through the file to see what works and what doesn't.
  6. I just did what was suggested, and now I cannot boot into Linux at all. How can I un-do this change? I know that I need to disable acpi & acpid from starting at boot, but I am not sure how to do this since I cannot boot in. Any thoughts would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have just been tasked with mounting a folder from numerous workstations onto the server so that the info in there can be backed up to tape. I know the commands that I wish for this. I am new to scripting in linux and wonder how I would make this an executable script. Example: I would like to be able to run a command/script called PCMOUNT which would then execute the following: smbmount //laptop/archive /home/archive/laptop rw smbmount //pc1/archive /home/archive/pc1 rw smbmount //pc2/archive /home/archive/pc2 rw Also, I would want to be able to create a script that would unmount them. Long story short, how would I make the file an executable?
  8. After having just completed doing it, I have to agree with you.
  9. Thanks. I new it had to be something relatively easy.
  10. Hey all, I have a server (MDK 9.2) running at a remote location. SSH is running on the server. I have configured URPMI so I can install applications as I need them. I need to know how I would go about performing an update on the server while in an SSH session (CLI), as opposed to using Mandrakeupdate from a GUI. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey all, I am trying to get the Ximian Connector installed on my laptop (MDK 10 OE). The problem is that all I can find from Ximian is a MDK 9.1 rpm. This doesn't install. Has anyone else found a way to get it working? A different place to find an rpm? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey all, I was wondering if there was a way in which to see which distro (slackware, MDK, SUSE, RH, etc) is installed on a machine from a CLI. I have been asked to look at a server that was setup years ago and nobody knows what it is. Anyone know of a method to do this? I am sure many of you may state to reboot the server and watch the screen, but unfortunately this is not an option.
  13. I have the M$ certifications and CISCO certifications at the moment, my Novell certs have lapsed. I am looking at getting the LPI Linux certification as it appears to be a good all round Linux certification (all generic).
  14. I am a consultant working with Linux/MS/Apple systems. To be able to do this, I need to be able to work with all OS's at all times. Now, I have a way in which to do this using Linux as my base OS. You all probably have heard of these, but just in case you haven't, here is how my own system is configured. Mandrake Linux 9.2 as the base OS. This gives me a rock solid platform and great security. Also gives me amazing networking tools. NeTraverse www.netraverse.com Win4Lin is installed on this system to allow me access to Windows ME. This lets me have a Windows environment for demonstrating and testing applications for clients. PearPC http://pearpc.sourceforge.net/about.html. This allows me to run Apple's OSX on my laptop for demonstration and testing purposes. This emulator is not perfect, but it is better than carrying around a PPC laptop as well. Now I have just started playing with the PearPC emulator, but I am impressed so far. If anyone has had any experience with it, please let me know your thoughts.
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