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  1. They Do still offer the Lifetime member ship for CandR.. its under Products on there website. its $99.
  2. In mandrake you can turn off the swap file.. or swap partition.. This is what i had to do to get my working. you have to unmount and remove the swap from MMC the partition manager. then under service remove it as a service.
  3. The first thing i would look at is the kernel you are running.. is should be the 2.6.x-4 the one that came with the 10 ce. and you will need to get the Nvida drivers to load the video card for the nforce cards.. The 2.4.24 TMP kernel will work as well. good luck
  4. glennp

    Media Players

    Ok I need some thing that i can run all my stuff with.. I like xine but the win32 codec are not working.. whats you thoughts on xmms and mplayer or even helix. I need to play dvds and winmp3 files and wma and wmv files.. Any ideas would be great.
  5. lawsonrc: To add features like the worldclock its the Toys and Edutainment (both KDE)... you will need to install both to get it working... they are on the CDs... use the MMC or MCC which ever it is and do a list all packages or by groups DONT do the mandrake choice you will never see them. May also find the other apps you are looking for.
  6. Heres my experance with FTP and what not... I had the same issue with DSL ..... I had pacbell, Covad, SBC and then a small out fit in where i lived in San diego Ca... I had to purchase a higher up load and also to make sure that it was NOT PPPoE. My download was 1.5 and up was as little as 128 and high as 256... IT still was not that good in either case. I had to one tweak the server and FTPd settings and cut some services. I know this was not what you were looking for but thats my two cents. By the way Covad was the best DSL service i had ever had... But to save money i had to get cable.
  7. Ive downloaded it and installing it in a bit i will let you know the outcome.
  8. Have you looked at flim gimp? or the video editor in KDE 3.2... but it looks like you will have to update to MDK 10.
  9. Well my ideal notebook would have to be 1Ghz... and about 3 lbs.. lindows sells a good laptop. but its not for the gamers... CPU VIA C3 1GHz (and up) Memory 256MB SDRAM (up to 768MB) Audio AC97 HDD 20GB/40GB EIDE ATA 100 Optical Drive CD/CDRW/DVD/Combo options(USB) Display 12.1" TFT LCD XGA 1024x768 I/O 2 x 4pin USB connectors, 1 x Mic-in, 1 x headphone-out/SPDIF-out, 1 x RJ11 Fax/Modem, 1 x RJ45 LAN, 1 x 15pin VGA, 1 x IEEE 1394, 1 x DC-in, 1 x typeII slot for PCMCIA, 1 x type II for CF card Connectivity Integrated LAN, modem Power Li-ion battery, 50-60Hz/19V Weight 1.3KG its about $800 US
  10. well here my two cents... in some ways it a good idea.. i work for a retail giant here in the US... (not walmart) we are looking to run this with out customer data base to help the needs of the customer and also this will help with out supply chain... better inventory and track an item while its in the store.. so that the prices can go down... less theft cheaper prices. its an ugly circle... but it needs to start some where... and big brother is here and hes going to stay... after 911 freedom as we knew it will not be the same... And hell big brother has always been there hes now become a bully.
  11. well i read your post again... as far as the screen cap you can do a gif file with a series of screen shots or use a program like this xvidcap. or you can try running linux using Vmware with another install of linux and use the screen cap with it... or you can do it the cheat way ;) (listed above) and youll need a computer and camcorder and video tape it and then capture the video to the computer... either way theres no quick way.
  12. Hi, You can use the powerpoint like product but make it '97 compatible.. and use a wave file not a mp3... if you need help let me know... ive done it before... also you can make a script to lunch with an auto.ini or something like that.. its been a year sence i did one
  13. tux brother could you send me the files as well.. thanks pett20 at technologist . com
  14. hi anna What do you use at the moment? I want to use the KDE 3.2 interface and koffice 1.3... and have the acpi and new notebook features in the kde 3.2 and 2.6 kernel. Write a bit more about your system. well its a notebook... pro-star d270.. the sis 650 chipset all works but the win modem and the PCMICA which is fine. Which mklivecd script? mklivecd script .. one that is binary or RPM not SRPM or source Which kernel? Which DE? 2.6 or the latest 2.4.23 or 24 and KDE 2.3 if possible How are you building your cd? Its going to be 210MB cd Have you tested it on diff. hardware? yes it works fine in VMware and an Emachine i have which is an Intel chipset What is the startup time? not to concern about boot time.. less than a minute is fine. Do you use the installer? no not at this time
  15. how about using cooker or 10 beta as a base for mklivecd?
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