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  1. Anon I'll have to send you a pm so you can see it when it's finished. For one thing it's a commercial site and they don't know it's uploaded yet (I put it on my personal home page for testing) and haven't approved the design. Second thing is there's no way I'd post the link here and let the critics get ahold of it and check my scripting. I did all of it manually.
  2. Well I got my first real lesson in web design! I checked my website on my daughter's computer and it has a 15" monitor. The site looked terrible! So I redid the page several times over until it looked almost the same on both of our screens. Now I just wonder how it will look on a 19" monitor. The way I redid it I hope it'll be okay. :?
  3. You were absolutely correct James. My resolution in Linux was set at 1024x768 and in Windoze 800x600. Since I have a 17" monitor I changed the Windoze setting. I don't know why Windoze configured it that way during setup. Or why I "assumed" it would have the correct setting. Thanks!
  4. I've been working on a web page and in Linux I can use Opera, Mozilla and even Konqueror and it looks fine. But when I boot into Windoze the font sizes, the images and everything are much larger whether I'm using Opera or IE. Is there some sort of default system setting that I need to change in Linux or is this "normal?"
  5. Okay, different subject maybe but what's the advantage in learning javascript? I was just viewing some webpages including paul's who's page is beautifully done and it was easy to comprehend the code and such. Then I viewed another page which is ugly and not dynamic at all and it was programmed in javascript and the coding was a nightmare! <offtopic> I just earned money for designing a couple of basic web pages! Okay, I cheated because I had to do it in windows (the program I was getting the graphics from only runs in windows) so I used Front Page which is what made me decide I wanted to learn html! What an awful program!</offtopic>
  6. Hey paul, Do you mind if you ask what you used to write your website with? It's very impressive and I especially like your mouse over techniques. Only thing is that you need to update the info about he MUB because it says we have over 1200 registered users.
  7. Thanks for the links. It looks like I have more than my share of reading to do. If I disappear for a while it's because I'm suffering from brain overload which happens quite easily! :shock:
  8. I hope this is the right place to post this! I'm trying to learn "Dynamic" HTML. Unfortunately the book is geared towards IE and Netscape. It even uses scripts such as "layer tag for Netscape Communicator" and "iframe tag for Microsoft Explorer." I'm not sure what to do here but I don't want to create pages that are for those two browsers only. What is the best way to tackle this problem? Remember I'm new to this so please go easy on me! :lol:
  9. If you use ksnapshot there's an option to print at the time you take the snapshot.
  10. I can connect also. Just sent them an email seeing if they're offering support for 16 bit software with their latest version. I'll be interested in what they have to say.
  11. When we upgraded from KDE2.2.2 to KDE3 we ran into a lot of the same issues. Although some people were succesful the general consensus was that it was better to leave them alone. If you're interested you can do a search on the old boad and will come up with numerous topics on this subject. http://www.mandrakeuser.org/mub/ HTH
  12. Just wanted to add that personally I prefer urpmi to using the Control Center. I find the MCC to be slow, buggy and a general pain. I try to do as much from terminal (Konsole) as possible! Good luck!
  13. There was a website with an audio file that said the same thing. Only it was kind of hard to understand so I never could figure out exactly how he was pronouncing it. I do remember something about it rhymes with cynics though. :?
  14. Okay, gimp like the g in grip. As in get a grip! :P
  15. I don't think we ever settled the arguement on how to pronounce Linux and now you're asking about GIMP? :lol: Not that I'm much help but I pronounce it "GNU Image Manipulation Program." J/k! I pronounce it gimp as in limp. Btw, according to the jargon file gnu is pronounced gnoo or noo. No wonder we stay confused!
  16. Yes it does Script Nut Jr! :lol: I can execute the script from terminal but can't get it to run from KMenu.
  17. I'm trying to run kazaa from the k menu also. I created a new directory, wine, then add a new entry kazaa and used wine /home/mystified/.wine/blah/blah/kazaa.exe. It's exactly what I type when I'm running it from terminal. It didn't work so I opted to "Open in Terminal" when I run the program and I get the error message that /opt/wine/bin/wine.bin cannot find /home/mystified/. . . What am I doing wrong? My daughter uses it and I finally have everything running so that she no longer has a reason to boot into windoze but I'd like to make it even simpler for her. :?
  18. First thing you might try would be to open a terminal (konsole), su to root and type urpmi kdeartwork to see if you have that package installed. If not install it and see if that fixes your problem. And welcome to the forum! :)
  19. Here's a link with some great info on Reiser. http://www.namesys.com/ And here's the best I could find on Ext3. http://batleth.sapienti-sat.org/projects/F...s/ext3-faq.html
  20. There are quite a few internet sites where you can type in an ip address and trace it back. Just do a search for IP Lookup. Whois is a good one. When I first installed ZoneAlarm in Windows I was shocked too. My ISP does ping me regularly but zonealarm blocked them and I've never had a problem caused by that. The one's that really bother me are the messages that such and such program is trying to access the internet and do I want to allow them or not. Nine times out of ten it's a M$ program. I don't use IE, I use Opera, and I don't allow any M$ programs to access the net. I'm really stubborn that way!
  21. Cannonfodder might be able to help you there. I'll pm him and let him know.
  22. That's what I do and it works. I also use mplayer to show the media files. Thanks again to Motts for the info!
  23. Just as a long shot did you do all the bug fixes in KDE? There were quite a few of them. I ran your error message on google and it should up as a bug. HTH
  24. Here are a couple of things I see right away. Under Drive A - Change path to "/mnt/floppy" Drive D Change path to "/mnt/cdrom" Also check your permissions on your serial ports. And I found this that MIGHT help. http://www.winecentric.com/notes5.shtml
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