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  1. I installed Mandriva on my laptop when I first got it because I wanted something easy to install and use. But I have an unsupported wireless card and my connection in Mandriva was terrible. So someone with the same card recommended Debian and I haven't had any problems since I switched. I installed Mandriva on my daughter's new computer because it's easy to use. But I left it because I had no choice. I needed wireless.
  2. CLI all the way for me. I don't have any gui tools in Gentoo and I don't use any in Debian.
  3. Try following this: http://linuxfornewbies.org/forum/index.php/topic,3.0.html
  4. With Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring out the door, the first steps toward Mandriva Linux 2009 are in progress. Ideas are being collected on this wiki page and Bugzilla is open for suggestions and ideas. A number of items are in the wish list for kernel and hardware support. The ML 2009 kernel will use libata, the one item already marked as complete. Other wishes include an installed and enabled kerneloops package, full support for Lenovo Thinkpads T60/T61 (and T62 in the future) (with all the bells, whistles, drivers, hotkeys, LEDs, etc. working), making Xen work properly (or dropping it), and patches for kernel-level mode setting. http://lwn.net/Articles/280648/
  5. according to this http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/...b/CS-008326.htm your motherboard is not supported in linux.
  6. Just for future reference I used VESA as my driver and then installed nvidia and changed xorg.conf and then logged out and back in.
  7. I installed my nvidia card manually. You can download the driver for your card here http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.12.html then just follow the instructions. It's very easy to do.
  8. My daughter just bought a computer with Vista but she wants linux so I'm going to install Mandriva. I just installed it on my computer and it's really nice. I was just wondering if their are any sorts of problems dual booting with vista that I need to worry about during installation. Thanks
  9. You guys should check out the banner dude67 made for us. It's really awesome. Thanks again dude67!
  10. I have the embed video clips working. I also am going to set up a Hardware Compatibility wiki as soon as I can get paul to get off his butt and finish it since I don't have the password to the sql server. I will probably add a FAQ or How to section to discuss some of the most common problems and solutions and also for informational purposes.
  11. I have two and I'm easily bored. I'll probably keep making changes to this board too. :P
  12. Paul and I will not stop visiting this board. I have made a committment to continue in my duty as a technical admin and I plan to keep monitoring the board as I always have.
  13. Just for the record, I beg to differ.
  14. I've decded I'm going to keep the board open but remove the link to it and not discuss it on this board. That way I can't be accusised of trying to steal the community again. Edit: after further comments I'm going to leave my link of http://www.distrostop.org We are not officially affiliated with MUB but if you have anything helpful suggestions for our site your more than welcome to check us out.
  15. What's right for me is working as an admin on this board because paul and I are the technical admins and we make such a good team. I've really enjoyed this tremendously. I just wanted to start a project of my own. I never expected that kind of animosity. But I really appreciate the support. Maybe I'll give it a day or two to thinks things over.
  16. I have devoted 7 years of my time and energy into helping to make this board a success. To be told that I'm intentionally doing this to try to destroy what I have helped create is too much. I don't know what else to do. Sorry to let everybody down.
  17. Thanks for all your suggestions. I appreciate it. But after all the flak I have caught in the mod forum saying that I am doing this to intentionally hurt MUB I am going to shut the board down. I am also stepping down as admin. The best of luck to you all.
  18. I have Gentoo, Mandriva and Arch on the desktop and Debian on the lappie.
  19. Well the board isn't finished yet,
  20. I think that would fit Yves.
  21. The hardware compatability list is definitely a good idea Steve. That and some of the one's from ilia_kr would definitely work. But aside from that if you think I shouldn't diversify too much I need other topics that would help create a unique board. Sorry if I'm making your brains hurt. :P
  22. tyme, it's not my intention and I'm sure it wasn't paul's to make you think your contributions weren't valuable. I realize you tried something similar with your own board and are trying to lend some insight and I appreciate that. As far as iphitus goes, he's just basically saying it's a bad idea and that it's going to fail and there's no way it can be interpreted any other way. That just isn't helpful. That said we're going to do this project one way or the other and if it works that's great. If it doesn't at least we tried.
  23. In case you missed it I've repeatedly asked for suggestions as to what users would like to see in the site. I am looking for feedback. I have gotten some that is useful. As far as a wiki I can set one up. I have a month off from school and my degree is in professional writing so it would be an enjoyable process for me. Plus hopefully others will contribute or at least offer suggestions about topics in a wiki. JonEberger mentioned OpenSolaris and FreeBSD. Those can definitely be included. arctic mentioned other technology like Digital Photography, Hi-Fi Equipment, Mp3 players and cell phones. If those are topics that people would find interesting we could have a section devoted to those areas.
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