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  1. I just fresh installed 2008.1 Spring ONE and so far it works for me better than 2008. I mean no hangs or crashes, all hard drives are mounted automatically and even in NTFS-3g mode so I am able to do everything with my ntfs drives. Only one trick I did from previous experience: botted from liveCD and installed to HD using pci=noacpi. Keep the test and see what happens further.
  2. Valikhan

    USB trouble

    Hi, I had same trouble with digital camera until switched it from "Disk drive" mode to PTP mode.
  3. So it is useless without CD. Well, I thought if Quake is in Linux repos it is free or under GPL or something like that. Ok, thank you for advice
  4. Hi there, I have downloaded all files of Quake II I could find using Control Centre. When I click on buttons in "Application" section it seems to get starting, I can see on the bottom line "Starting Quake" message, but in a few seconds it just disappears with no errors or anything else. Any help, guys?
  5. Valikhan


    Ok. After all I did (see above) I went to MCC>Browse and configure hardware just to check again. Ohh, I got bluetooth device in there! Mandriva immediately asked me to install kdebluetooth (kde? I use gnome). I installed that and now I can send files from PC to the dongle via OBEX. But I cannot send files from the phone to PC. I have installed all kde and gnome packages related to bluetooth. I put PC in visible and discoverable mode. It discoverable in the phone - I got PC under two names: localhost-0 or Computer. Then nothing. Either no active devices found or sending failed. So I can send from PC to the phone but cannot from the phone to PC.
  6. Valikhan

    USB mount/unmount?

    If you have Windows XP, you can boot up in there, then plug in those usb and safely remove in Windows XP. Go back to Mandriva and see what happen. It did trick to me. If you do not have WinXP, then I do not know. Sorry, buddy. P.S. Win XP on the same machine I meant.
  7. Valikhan


    Ok. Once i deleted all bluetooth devices in the phone, I scanned for new devices. Found PC bluetooth and typed 1234 which is default password. No luck, connection failed. Scanned for new devices again and ran command passkey-agent --default /bin/bluepin, Typed 1234 and PC seems awoke offering me to type password, I put 1234 and I have PC paired with phone. Then nothing again, I cannot send files from the phone to PC, "No devices found". And no options to send files from PC to the phone as before. However, PC got my phone... [root@localhost indi]# hciconfig hci0: Type: USB BD Address: 00:11:67:2C:D0:4F ACL MTU: 678:8 SCO MTU: 48:10 UP RUNNING PSCAN ISCAN RX bytes:1893 acl:0 sco:0 events:120 errors:0 TX bytes:728 acl:0 sco:0 commands:62 errors:0 [root@localhost indi]# hcitool scan Scanning ... 00:E0:03:46:4F:D9 Vali
  8. I think it is not solved but closed. I added yesterday mud_free repo fron easy-urpmi and got the icon for bittorent. I would say developers have missed icons in this release somehow. I found out that electric eye, as well as invictus, awake from terminal typing commands. Regarding to aria2, seems it also works from terminal only. Am I right?
  9. Have anyone done this trick with Windows? I mean to logon as root in Mandriva and copy fonts from there?
  10. You are wrong, Zac Medley. These people don't pretend to be super-tech experts, just try to help. You should respect those who offer you HELP without charging $500. If you do not like to ask for help do not ask. I remember first day I met up PC (Windows!). I was just staring at the screen having no clue how the hell it works.
  11. Change your rpm repositories. What the name of failed repo? If, for instance, plf-free go to MCC>Configure media>highlight plf-free>edit. Then type any other url you like to. The same thing occured twice with me with plf-free and plf-nonfree. I solved it choosing other rpm sources.
  12. Valikhan

    Missed icons

    I've installed a few programs which did not show up. I cannot run aria2, electric eye, bittorent and some others because no icons for them in menu. I do not want to screw up 2008 doing what seems worked for older versions. I tried to create shortcuts or catch them up in terminal with no luck. Any ideas, guys? I use GNOME [moved from Emulation by spinynorman]
  13. That ACPI obviously has affect to shutdown process, I know it from my experience. I had reinstalled 2007.1 4-5 times playing acpi on and off. With acpi on I had booting problem, with acpi off I pressed the button. 2008 I installed once with acpi=off, then reinstall with option pci=noacpi and now it turns off automatically. It is not lockup or freeze, if you press Esc you can see the last line telling "System halted" what means that System is unloaded and wait for your decision.
  14. I had the same troubles with KDE you are having now, plus some other small glitches and not working bluetooth, remote controls and webcam. Then I just switched to GNOME and I have no any bugs so far except not working bluetooth, remote controls and webcam.
  15. Sorry, I use GNOME now, as I had lots of troubles with KDE. GNOME is more stable but problem with remote control (and bluetooth) still presents. I've noted I am not alone person having trouble with remote in 2008. What is lirc-gpio? Is it necessary thing?
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