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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I guess Mandriva 2008.1 won't work for me. Interesting enough I am writing this from PCLOS Gnome 2008 which is Mandriva based :) Regards, wlake
  2. Hello, I cannot boot the referenced livecd. I checked the md5sum, and have used various cheatcodes. Booting from the livecd always hangs at the -- fuse init -- message. I am trying to boot the cd on an HP Pavilion dv6174cl. This is the first Linux distro I have tried that will not boot from the livecd. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards, wlake
  3. Thanks Chris, I followed Adam's advice and got the necessary driver. I really like MCNLive Toronto. I installed it on my external USB HD. I was amazed that it was so easy to install when I only get the black screen when I try to install Mandrive from the Linux Format magazine DVD. Regards, wlake
  4. Thanks to Adam and Jon for your replies. wlake
  5. Hello, First I would like to say how wonderful MCN Live Toronto is. I have installed it in a hard disk installation to my USB external HD. The only thing I had to do was to edit the fstab and mtab files. I tried to install Mandriva but for some reason it does not like my laptop (HP DV6000) while it is no problem with MCN Live. My question is Can I get 3D effects in MCN Live Toronto with my nvidia Geforce GO 7400 card if I install the nvidia drivers? Also since the nvidia drivers do not seem to be in the repository, can I install using a tar.gz file or some other way? Thanks in advance. wlake
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