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  1. Can anyone help me I've been trying to install this all yesterday and I can't for the life of me work out how to do it??? Anyone else done it and can tell me where i am going wrong.
  2. My gosh I love the theme its got that wow factor. I understand in future it would be nice to change it. I think a deep purple would look great on the next version!!!
  3. Whats the difference between gnome and KDE???
  4. Thanks everyone. Is there anything you can't do with a linux? lol
  5. Whats the best competitor of Dreamweaver and Frontpage on the linux?
  6. Thanks for that!!! My gosh I can't wait to get this stuff installed. :D Ok then jagwah if you want to really impress me do you not any DJing software to mix mp3's in a club
  7. If you want a site that has loads of demos of CMS's and Blogs try http://opensourcecms.com/
  8. Hi everyone can I just say a quick off the topic but I love this OS. Its what i have been looking for all my life. Windows has let me and the rest of us down time and time again. I didn't want XP but I had to have it in the end and now I don't want Vista and I'm determined not to have it. This distro nearly everything i need (once i learn how to install programs but hey I am a newbie) is some music producing software. It would be really cool if it could run Reason and CuBase and then I think i would ditch Windows altogether!!! Long live Mandriva!!!
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