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  1. I have 720p H.264 MKV files that I am playing very well on Windows, but on Mandriva 2008.1 on the same hardware I have some problems. My hardware is more than capable to play them, so that's not the issue. I have installed all the Gstreamer codecs, MPlayer, SMplayer and VLC. Under Totem, the videos are some what slower. Everything seems as if in slow motion, and some movies with DTS audio fail to play at all, although I have the DTS gstreamer package installed. Under MPlayer, SMplayer and VLC, everything is running at normal speed (DTS and all), but I notice that there is visible screen tearing when too much movement on screen, like when you play a game on a LCD screen and you disable VSync. I don't have this issue playing the same file using VLC on Windows. I am using the 169 nvidia drivers downloaded from the Mandriva repos (I have a 8800 GT). Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot. I will try it very soon. But the PC I am talking about has no screen, keyboard or mouse connected to it, so I want something that will make the VNC server running all the time. This is a wired home network, so I don't worry about security that much.
  3. I don't understand! Can you please explain? I switched to Gnome to use Vino, as Krfb had a terrible lagging when I control it from a VNC client. Why is this? By the way, can you tell me how to enable VNC by default on XFCE?
  4. I have successfully installed MDV 2008.1, but how can I create a VNC server on that machine? I remember a tool to do so in KDE Control Center, but I can't find it. I only find RFBDRAKE or something, I am on Windows now so I can't check the name, and it must be opened manually to function. Thanks. Great release by the way! Edit: Silly me! I just installed Krfb by installing kdenetwork and everything now works.
  5. I don't think it's a Mandriva problem. I had exactly the same problem in Ubuntu 7.10 on 2 different computers, with 2 different burners. It happened in CDs and in DVDs.
  6. I am trying to install Mandriva 2008 Free on my new PC, but I can't get the NVIDIA driver to work. I am downloading the latest (169.09) driver from the Contrib repos, but it doesn't work! I also tried Ubuntu and the driver was completely missing from the repos. Now I am running on openSUSE 10.3 and I installed the NVIDIA driver and everything just works, but I want to use either Ubuntu or Mandriva for their polished Gnome. For Ubuntu, I will try Envy. But what about Mandriva?
  7. I installed Mandriva 2008 One (Gnome edition). The installation went fine and everything worked. When I tried to update the packages, I noticed that a lot of the packages were useless, for example, I have a nvidia Geforce 6600 card, why were the ATI drivers (fglx) installed along with their kernels? The same goes for the extra language packages (I chose US English) but I found that almost half a dozen other languages were installed, along with their files for Firefox and OO.org. So I tried to clean up things a bit, I deleted every unnecessary file and kept the "current" driver for nvidia as this is the one I used to install when I used 2007.1 before. Now I can't log on the GUI. What shall I do?
  8. The orange theme is just not my cup of tea. I know that I can change the colours of the theme, but what about the boot splash, KDM, KDE login, KDE start button, etc. These things will remain in orange. I want them to be blue as in Mandriva Free. Will it be difficult or shall I just go on and download the Free edition? I am still new to Linux, by the way.
  9. Gowator: Thanks. You know, using Arabic on my PC is not bad at all. It's only I am not used to it, which is really a shame, considering its my mother tongue. And by the way, 1 Egyptian pound (LE, livre egyptienne, in French) has 100 piasters, not pestari (in what language is this?). dexter11: Thanks you saved me from downloading the other live CD! scarecrow: I will try to install the package you mentioned when I install Mandriva. But first I will have to download the Free edition because I hate the orange theme in the One edition and it seems to integrated in everything it will be a lot of trouble to change it to the beautiful blue one in Free. Thanks a lot guys, you are very friendly here.
  10. No, it doesn't (I already said that, twice!). But it's irritating! But I want to know why? Ubuntu's and openSUSE's installers listed my country. Mandriva 2007 One (GNOME) listed my country, so why won't Mandriva 2007.1 do it? And will downloading the extra languages KDE One CD help?
  11. I downloaded the KDE 2007.1 One edition (the normal one, I didn't download the i8-something version as I don't need the extra language support now, I can always install it later, right?). I live in Egypt and I noticed that my country is not listed in the list. It's really silly, as choosing another country won't affect my installation in any way (I can always set the timezone to Cairo). But it's just "not cool". I want to be able to choose my country! I noticed the same thing when I tried SAM 2007 (based on PCLOS 2007 which is based on Mandriva), so it seems that it's something in the installer. But I don't think that it has anything to do with localization. I live in Egypt and I speak Arabic but I use English for my computer, always. So, where is the problem and what's your suggestions? And again I repeat: I know that this is a silly question!
  12. My first post here! How do you unhide (I know it's wrong grammatically) these programs? Things like KGet are installed but I can only run them by Alt-F2 and then "kget". One more question: Is the hidden programs thing also present in the Free edition? Or is it just in One?
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