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  1. wafer, only slightly off topic, if you dont mind, what did you pay for that? the reason I ask is that I bought an itronix for a similar project (different model, but dont remember it off the top of my head), anyway i knew it didnt come w/ a PS but I figured I'd buy one later. the PS is 2x what I paid for the device! Just wondering if they have gotten anymore reasonable. I worked with them in the 90's at a GOV Contractors and liked their ruggedness. but they DO use a LOT of proprietary HW. (we wrote our own OS) J
  2. I've been using aa Hauppage PCI 350 for several years. got it off ebay and it works great! theres also a 150 and 250 version of the card http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...n%3D4%26ps%3D56 all pretty cheap now. J
  3. One thing that will happen for sure, and soon, is runing your pendrive, though: keeping a live browser profile in a pendrive is a VERY bad idea... these things are not built for constant data I/O's! scarecrow: i have been hearing that for two years, and for 2 years i have (and still use) my ORIGINAL mcnl 2007.1 stick on a regular basis, now I carry a dozen different sticks w/ different configurations for different purposes. But when you look at the MTBF rating for moden usb keys its going to be a while - IF you buy quality keys. #1 DONT buy them from chinese sellers on ebay, there are a LOT of different reasons, but lets just say low quality is the best one #2 I have a White Paper here somewhere, written by Cisco on exactly what the TRUE FIELD TIME MTBF should be, the summary is 5.7 years on the low end, 53 years on the high end. Should you FFR the disk occasionally? sure Should you save your "presistent" files to something OTHER than your OS Key? sure but its still not the "sky is falling" that some folks predict. heck ive had barnd new hard drives fail faster than my usb keys do just my 2 cts
  4. thats VERY strange, I have NEVER had any issue writing to my fat32 partitions let me ask you, are you using the built in GUEST account or did you create your own? that initial GIEST account is SEVERLY limited, build a user and give it root-LIKE accessed' the FAt32 is mounted? j
  5. I have a LOT of issues regardless of which version of MDV I use, I believe that in MCNL I ended up loading kaffiene and mplayer but realize i have a VERY heavily modified version of mcnl, and carry about 8 different USB keys with different configurations on each
  6. Ian, I started to gravitate towards joomla when I couldnt get kompozer working but I had a BUNCH of questions I couldnt find the answers, and then found a solution for kompozer and went back that way. however, since you appear to be using joomla quite successfully maybe you could help me. with your 3 websites (in your signature) are you hosting those files YOURSELF? or did you somehow FTP those files up to your website thats being hoseted by a 3rd party? any assistance woyuld be greatly appreciated. what I DID see in joomla was really cool and did seem very simple to work with.
  7. THAT would certainly explain it. anyone know how far back in MDV history we'd have to go to find one of those? j
  8. I have tried all MDV's back to 2007.0 on my VIA/EPIA C3 (one of the PC-1 MB/cpu comboes sold with the gOS dev kit) and have not found ANY version since or any derivative (MCNL,PDL,PCLOS) that will work However for SOME reason almost ANY version of UBU will work right out of the box. J
  9. hate to be stupid but i'm having the hardest time remembering the exact format of this command. is it "su - dolphin <enter> then root PW or is it:"su - <enter> root pw <enter> dolphin <enter> thanks
  10. unfortunately with the LD the cable isnt possible. With the LD everytime you click the hotsync button it disconnects from the USB port. I COULD try a USB/serial converter, but then i'd have to buy a serial board for my linux PC since it doesnt have one. coincidentally last night I WAS able to connect properly using my wife's LD and HER pc, which is also MDV 2009 and KDE4. Next I'll try killing the daemon on mine and then connecting. J
  11. also you can open up MCC/local disks, and see exactly how they are mounted. or go to a konsole and as root type "df" j
  12. i got tied up in building a PVR last night so i didnt get a chance but i do have a question. will this work with the LD comeing in through the network? see the issue w./ the LD is that in linux when you press the sync button it disconnestcst and the PC loses the connestion information. so i use the internal wifi to connect to my network and then the pc's ip address to connect to that desktop, thanks j
  13. i ran them side by side for 3 months during Beta. only time i found an issue was when i tried to use the same usernames on both otherwise they worked great j
  14. Ian Thanks I'll give that a try tonight! I have gone so far as to even TRYING XUBUNUTU and KUBU, nada with either sigh j
  15. i've only uxed X very lightly w/ xubuntu, but what happens when you drop a cd/dvd in the drive that is known good with information. xubu loads this automatically so I didnt have to set it up, BUT it also showed the contents of my cd's immediately upon insertion. how do you have them setup? automount?
  16. al I think with some persistence and practice you'll find yourself loving MDV WHen I first started the swap I was a Win2k Admin and was appalled at all the "patches a brand new XP pc had just to boot on day 1 back then, mandrake 7, i reinstalled about every 3 days because I'd fubar something. but now,it is my prime OS on all my pc;s and laptops, windows is only used for work and i only reinstall when i upgrade. every now and then i try another distro , but i always come back to MDV
  17. Ian, thanks for the suggestion. heck i have gne so far as to install Gnome (ptui!) and jpilot, still no go. I have a REAL strong feeling that it is 100% tied into the port that MDV/pilot-link is listening on. heres why: in kpilot where the device is setup and most USB devices would be /dev/USB1 or serial would be /dev/pilot if I put in net:any (the same thing I use on the cli) the whole kpilot app freezes, BUT the palm DOES connect to the desktop. nothing transfers of course but still it does connect! so i believe that if I could find out what port the wireless would come ion opn I could put net:XXXX and it might work. finding that port is KILLING me. I thought I saw it in mt notes but I have searched everything AND the web and havent found it again! anyone has anymore ideaswould be greatly appreciated. I will look at those 2 links. Thanks! J
  18. oy 37 views and no replies. i know that stand alone PDAS are rather passe (sorry cat afford an Iphone), but someone here MUST have SOME ideas, please?
  19. Tux, One more question about your libretto (sorry to hijak the thread these things are just amazing) is the u100 youre dealing with the same as the 100ct? again, i dont know THAT much about them, but i LIKE the idea of getting one for pocket linux MDV!
  20. Hey, Saw this on sale at TD.com and before i bought it I thought I might see if anyone here had used this particular USB wireless lan adapter. if not is there one that folks use that they KNOW works with MDV right out of the box. j
  21. but PLEASE someone tell me that you can help. I have been beating my head for weeks trying to get my Palm Lifedrive synced to my Mandriva Linux 2009 desktop. I have installed pilot-link and kpilot. however, because of the way the lifedrive works linux sees it when you plug in the USB cable and then when you hit the hotsync button it disconnects broefly and then loses it again. so you hotsync over the wifi network. I have that set, I am definitely making a connection with the desktop. HOWEVER only if i tell pilot-xfer to listen on all ports CLI: pilot-xfer -p net:any -l while logged in as root THEN I hit hotsync on the LD and all the files fly by on the screen of the pc and in 2 seconds the palm starts "cleaning up" but NOTHING is synced. I BELIEVE that 2 things are stopping me, but i dont know how to resolve it: 1) there is NO reference in /DEV/ no ttyUSBx, no ttyS12 nothing that matched, I think THATS because its coming in through the network. But in KPILOT there is a DEFINITE setting that wants to be set for the location of that device 2) i think i can probably do WITHOUT kpilot if I could just get the CLI command down pat. last night I tried : pilot-xfer -p net:any -sync /mindwave/.kde4/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics and saw files moving on the [alm for the very 1st time!, but nothing on the desktop was synced. please anyone.... J jerome@thehess.org [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  22. Adam, IF for whatever reason, you just so happen to move to another distro, please let us know. as you suggested in your reply the average desktop user will suffer IMMENSELY and unfortunately I think it means the way of Xabdros, you know a new update every 3 or 4 years whether you need one or not. you did excellent work. I hope you are able to keep moving with linux in general. j
  23. 2 questions if you dont mind, what did you pay for the mini note? 2 - did you get linux running on the libretto? I always was fascinated by those things. j
  24. distractor thats great, like i said PCLOS has a better or more up to date HW detect module than MCNL did. its at least a year more recent and in linux thats forever. one issue I do have with PCLOS is that the number of folks asking for help seems to far outweigh the number of folks offering help. BUT there are some GREAT remasters available. plus as I said I'm working with that and PDL now working on a contemporary remaster of a live system, as I did for 2007.1 http://www.thehess.org/Rollyourown1.html with THAT I was able to install MDV to my HD, and then remaster it to an ISO or USB and run them on any machine. it was only the move to 2008 that through all the work out the door.
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