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  1. Hello, I managed to reinstall Grub, thank you! I used the install disk and went to the system repair section. In there there is an option to reinstall Grub, I used it and it failed because there where 2 hard disks installed and Linux was on the second one. So I unplugged the first hard disk (the one containing Windows) and repeated the procedure and it worked like a charm! Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the prompt reply! One more question, I have a live CD of 2010.0 (not 2010.1 !), do you think I can use that one, boot in live mode and enter the grub command from there hence avoiding the need to do all the mount stuff? Once I am back in my installationhen I would reinstall grub from 2010.1 . Thank you!
  3. Hello, I have an installation of 2010.1 and I would like to reinstall grub which has been deleted by mistake while trying to repair a windows install on another HD. Any easy way of doing so? Thanks! [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  4. Apologies but I am not sure here why there is the need of a kernel, I was thinking I needed only the driver, ie aa package called x11-driver-video-nvidia71xx and this is not there. This is what I see in the current version of the driver... This NVIDIA driver should be used with GeForce 6 and later cards, including the associated Quadro cards. For older cards, the packages x11-driver-video-nvidia96xx and x11-driver-video-nvidia71xx should be used instead... Confused :(
  5. I have a TNT2 card. I am using the free driver now but the screen is moved to the right and is not that nice :( It used to work with 2009.0 so I am really not sure what happened. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I just upgraded to 2009.1 from 2009.0 and now I do not find anymore the NVIDIA proprietary driver x11-driver-video-nvidia71. I see th 180 and 96 but not the 71. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi, I read in a few posts that having both KDE4 and KDE3 installed can cause issues. I got both and I have not found any so far. Am I missing something? Thanks [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  8. So if I want to install KDE3 on 2009 after I have got KDE4, am I out of luck? Thanks!
  9. Is there a tutorial somewhere? Thanks!!!
  10. Hi, I need to help my aunt and we live in different towns. What is the easiest way for me to take over her PC remotely? We both have Mandriva 2008 Spring. Thanks!
  11. Ah, OK so maybe it was because I used the proprietary ATI driver... Anyway my aunt now is happy with her new Linux install and is already using her digital camera so I will leave it her for a bit :) Thanks!
  12. I will not try it on my aunt PC again but on 2 out of 2 occasions Mandriva (X11 as you pointed out) crashed when I did close session (close session, not stop or restart the PC). As you said maybe it was just bad luck, we can leave this one to the futures generations :) Many thanks for your help, brilliant as usual!
  13. Finally I figured it out! 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'-' did the trick, now nice small size :) thanks again! As a final thing I now believe that the corrupt of the xorg file in the first place was caused by using the exit session button. Can it be right? Thanks
  14. I have deleted the xorg.config file and created a new one. Now Mandriva starts OK with the CRT monitor too but the text, windows and icons look huge. I am using the same resolution as Win XP does with the the same monitor so it's not a resolution setting problem. I am really not sure what it can be :( Any ideas? Thanks!
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