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  1. nevermind, i added the repositories from easy urpmi and i got everything i needed.
  2. Freshly installed mdk 2007, and i just installed the nvidia 9746 driver. Now it's the first time i run firefox, and the fonts in the pages just suck. it's small and letters are bumped one into each other. i tried increasing the font size, but this didn't do nothing. Anybody got any ideea about what the prob might be?? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. heya all. just reinstalled mdk 2007...i decided to give it another try. anyone knows where cna i fuind xmms for it??or at least audacious??
  4. Well, i have to say sorry cause, i'm the one who started all of this. Actually i only wanted to sort the gl pb, cause i couldn' activate, but i solved from the normal user. Sorry about all of this, i don't use the root at all. :D Sorry once again. Dono, but until now i wasn't using su, but wih it it is easyer. :D . Anyway, i'm still having problem installing some software, i can't compile berkeley db so without it i can't install kdevelop. i'm still trying.
  5. nice post there. As sayd before, thanks for sharing ur solution. My guess, is that if u selected to go through the ackages on ur own, you might have ticked off something related to x. Anyway, congratulations and wellcome to the Microsoft free world. :D Btw, tyme, the nvidia beta drivers will cause kde to jam, i mean, it will not load, and instead it will go to a blank screen.
  6. Just new to mandriva, i've been using suse for quite a long time. Think i can figure things around. Anyway, thanks, that is what i am actually doing. I quit logging in graph as root, cause i'm too lazy :D . :P Thanks again.
  7. ok, managed to install those plf drivers, and also activated gl and compiz. amaizing effects, but now i can't play any games. When launch ut2004 for example, it goes into virtual ressolution. What should i do??
  8. Well, spotted indeed, there seems that the driver is trying to load aiglx. Those chipsets, sis seem quite old, they might not be able to support aiglx. Did u selected by anychance aiglx, or it was default?? For exaple aiglx still doesn't work with the latest nvidia cards cause of theyr drivers.
  9. Hello. Now i finally mamaned to install and activate the 3d effects, but my games still go into virtual resolution instead of real ressolution. Can anyone help?? pleease.
  10. go there: http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ do what it says and then open drakconf. select update and search there for nvidia drivers. install them and follow the instructions. those will work with xgl. they do a fine job
  11. ok i think i did it. now i have some amaizing effects. thanks man :D
  12. well, you might just have not set the xserver to start automaticly. when ure at the screen, loggon your user and type: startx that should start the x server. if it doesn't, there might be something wrong with ur driver config.
  13. dono how to add those repos. i've tried but couldn't manage it. I got the rpm's separately though and still couldn't install.
  14. No response yet. This can't be good. Comme on people. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!
  15. sayd nothing to be sayd to default. All i meant was that thay "false" value to be set to "true". That is just about it. Not everyone can do console stuff. If u fuind it easy, fine, but don't deny others right. It is stupidity to set no password to root and to use root as default. That is what i think. Others may not think like this, but this is me. So let's put an end to this argue. THE END.
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