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  1. Thanks for all the info. I think I will do this when I have at least a day or two to actually be able to devote some time to it. I am running VMWare right now, so I can at least use the software.. I will worry about the PCI card later. The lab equipment will just have to do for now. But I think I will be able to take a whack at it from what you guys have told me so far. Hopefully windows wont mind being all the way on the right side of the HD instead of the left. Thanks!
  2. I am not sure if When running a virtual machine I can access the PCI card on my computer the way it is intended for the software. I tried running it with wine, but couldnt get it to work.
  3. Hello, When I built my desktop computer, I intended it to be used solely as a Mandriva Machine.. Exciting right? However.. because I am a student, there is some academic software that simply does not exist for Linux. (LabVIEW with PCI Card). So I need to install Windows on my desktop. I have a 300Gb hard drive, of which 280Gb is dedicated to the /home partition. I want to create a small <30Gb partition for my windows partition from the /home one. I am unsure of how to do this exactly. I dont want to damage this installation, as it has taken me months to get it this way, so I dont want to get it messed up. Also, if anyone could correct me if i am wrong on how I will do this process, this is what i know so far... Boot from LiveCD /Mandriva or something Run harddrake to resize partition Install windows to new partition Reinstall Grub Ready to go..? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!
  4. No it is actually a USB connection-- USB connects transmitter to pc, phone pairs with transmitter. Mandriva recognizes the phone as a usb sound device, but the phone base and the phone do not pair. The phone comes with a software that pairs the phone with the base, but the software is for windows.
  5. Hello, So I am running Skype on Mandriva 2008 and really liked it so I decided to purchase their pro service and an Internet phone. Mandriva recognizes the phone as a USB sound device, but I cannot get the cordless handset to connect to the base that is connected to the USB port on the PC. The software that comes with the phone is for windows and works for windows(all it does is pair the handset with the base), so I know it is not the phone. Anyone had any experience getting one of these phones to work with Mandriva? I searched around quite a bit online and wasnt able to find anything. Perhaps there is a linux equivalent for this software that I am just not finding? Thanks in advance.
  6. any ideas anyone??? Under what circumstances would a re-compile have helped my situation. Something else interesting after i re-compiled was that it picked up on a whole bunch of other "connections" as well.
  7. i could not find a way to remove this module other than with the remove-old included with the new driver. I did install the new version of the driver, and did not make a difference at all. it still seems that i cannot get the wireless radio to turn on.
  8. at times, it does not give me that error. But when it does not, and i try to set up the wireless through the control center, it does not find any networks. so it lead me to believe that the radio was not on. Then i tried issuing the command as root iwconfig eth1 txpower on and it gave me the following error Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) : SET failed on device eth1; Input/output error. i tried googling this error, but didnt find much of anything useful..
  9. ok so i tried that, and it gives me the same result. same exact errors in dmesg...
  10. no i have not tried that, but I will, i will report back soon.. so much fooling around with my installation killed it, and is re-installing as we speak. I remember trying something like that last time i got it to work, but it didnt work until i recompiled the kernel.
  11. So i have been browsing the internet for a little over three weeks now, and I am yet to find a solution to my problem. If anyone could help me get this wireless card working, I would greatly appreciate it. as far as i can tell, i just cant get the radio to turn on. I made the ieee80211, ipw2200, and the firmware. is all that i need a kernel re-compile? well, hopefully someone can help me. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! That worked great. I believe that Compiz is also the reason why my screensaver was not working correctly. My screen saver would only cover about 3/4 of the screen and did not grant much privacy when locking my desktop, as basically everything still showed. I think i can live without the fancy cube :). Thanks again! (Solved)
  13. Thanks! I will try that as soon as I get home. Are there a lot of issues with compiz?
  14. Hello All, So I have run into a bit of a problem. I was experimenting with the 3D Desktop settings, to see which one i liked best. So I switched from Compiz to Metisse, and I didnt really like it, so I changed back to Compiz. However, after i logged out and logged back in, all that would show is a blank blue screen, or in some cases, a weird black screen with colors, but nothing distinguishable from my desktop. How can I resolve this problem? Hopefully I can resolve this issue without losing any of my data. Thanks in advance. PS. I have tried looking at etc/x11/xorg.conf but everything looks ok. I am not sure where the configuration settings for the 3D Desktop might be located. Happy Holidays.
  15. Anyone have any ideas? I am completely stumped. I have looked all over the net and tried the things that have worked for other people, but none have worked for me. What should i do?
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