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  1. Use MozillaFirebird instead of Mozilla. Use way less memory, and runs faster too.
  2. I'd use something lighter like WindowMaker (in fact I'm using that with my P3 600 (Katmai) Compaq with ATI Rage128 onboard). KDE and GNOME will make your system crawl. But it's just me being very sensitive to speed, as my other machine is a P4-C 2.4@3.3GHz :P
  3. Yes I have, but it's not the service. They have a support forum - nobody there had that problem except me.
  4. Yeah some worked, and significantly many stopped working :P At least these are among the sites I frequently visit. rcxau: I only used the Optus DNS to test, as they used to work for me before when the Netspace DNS server went bananas. My connection is Netspace ADSL.
  5. I have a P3 Mandrake 9.1 Linux server and a WinXP machine that connects to that one for Internet stuff. Today my ADSL connection has been up and down like a yoyo. Early in the morning, I couldn't run adsl-start at all. I rebooted and it worked. For half of the day, many websites and Internet services don't work for me. They are Australian sites like UniMelb, SMH, etc. and many international sites. Also, ICQ, Yahoo, VixMule, Netspace's personal webspace, Netscape pub FTP and email, ping, tracert etc. don't work either :-/ I can still connect to some certain sites, like OCAU, Whirlpool and a few International sites though. I have tried everything - stop and reconnect the adsl connection on the server, stop/restart/stop/... the firewall (Firestarter), rerun adsl-setup, try Optus DNS blah blah blah. Nothing worked. When I was about to go get the sledgehammer, I thought maybe I should reboot the damn thing... Well, after a reboot, it finally worked. Everything works fine now. I thought this thing is only for Win"doze" :roll: :confused: Could anyone explain what was wrong and how I could solve such problem without having to reboot my system and pray for it to work again ? :confused: Thanks very much in advance :)
  6. If you do a 'lsmod' as root, which items related to sound (snd something) are listed ? Btw is your onboard sound a 5.1 device ? If it is, you should try plugging the speaker connector into the LineIN or MIC ports :P It sounds stupid but it worked for me :P
  7. I'm no expert but from my experience... -> ./configure will get the specific info from your comp (like CPU types etc.) to optimise the software for your system, so unless your friend's comp is the same, don't try that (it depends on the SW though, but I think a HW driver will do that). I think the default configuration should be fine. -> why don't you build a RPM for him ? :)
  8. I built a system for a friend using a Gigabyte 7N400 Pro (nForce2). He wanted to try a bit of Linux so I put MDK 9.1 on that one. Just saw that Gigabyte has the ITE RAID driver for Linux (RH and MDK) on their download site, so I went there to check... http://tw.giga-byte.com/Motherboard/Suppor...7N400%20Pro.htm Funny....:roll: :lol:
  9. GuoJing

    Western Digital

    If you're buying one now, get the Seagate Barracuda V(or VI) 7200rpm 8MB cache. It's faster than the WD and you can be sure that there's no compatibility issue. It's rock stable, even after being tortured zillions of times by my crazy overclock (reboots/crashes :P)
  10. Have you visited this site: http://frankscorner.org/ ? Has everything you need to know. Also... I think it's wiser to install it in the default location: /home/username/.wine/fake_windows yadda yadda. As for the wine config complaint, I think you haven't run winesetuptk yet. Download that rpm and run it to set up wine. I'm not sure what you mean by "kazaa script" though. What's that ? Btw to get Kazaa to work perfectly, you need to get the Windows DLLs for Kazaa, the dcomm98.exe's DLLs and put them in the fake_windows' system folder.
  11. Oops I forgot about this for 2 weeks ! :P Thanks a lot for your help, tyme, really appreciate it :) During that 2 weeks, I switched to a different ISP and got a new comp also, and just then I remembered that I should get WineX again. This time things went smoothly: I no longer had to su to root just to log in to their CVS server and download stuff :roll: Got excellent speed too. However, it once again paushed at wineclipsrv.c.......As you can imagine, I was quite pissed off :P Fortunately it only lasted for a min or two and all is done now !!! -> start compiling WineX :P
  12. Hi again After making sure that I have unmuted everything, I was pulling my hair out wondering why this pos won't work... Suddenly, among my desperate searches, there pops up a thread where a guy plugs his speakers in the microphone port to test. I thought that was funny, but tried it anyway. Guess what, the f*ing thing works in my LineIn port ! :shock: :P :roll: I think this might have something to do with the fact that this is a 5.1 onboard sound configuration, but I have no idea how to change it. Any suggestion ? :) edit by Ixthusdan
  13. Hi thanks a lot for the replies :) I added alias eth0 3c2000 (the driver name) to modules.conf and the NIC works now ! Working on the sound atm...
  14. I just got a P4P800 Deluxe and installed Mandrake 9.1 on it. Everything went smooth except for 2 things: - The sound is detected by default but there's no sound. XMMS and other audio apps play songs normally except that there's no sound coming out of the speakers :P I tried selecting different drivers but no use. I also compiled and installed the driver downloaded from Asus site but that has the same problem. It says that the Alsa mixer is muted by default and I have unmuted it, but I still can't get any sound. - I could compile and install the 3com 3c2000 LAN driver fine. insmod, ifconfig, adsl-xxxx worked ok too. However although I did a make and a make install, the driver doesn't seem to be installed properly. I don't get it enabled at bootup, I have to manually go to the folder where I compiled the driver, ifconfig it and insmod it. What should I do to get it automatically load the driver at startup ? Many thanks in advance :)
  15. Strangely, your problem sounds just like a typical Windows problem.... :P
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