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  1. You probably know that Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher in STTNG) promised himself to be a linux #1 fan after trying Mandrake 8.2 in his computer. This is the elaboration of that adventure. http://www.wilwheaton.net/mt/archives/0011...1117.php#001117 WDYT?
  2. You are right, it is pretty.. Is it a desktop only distro or an all in one solution such as Mandrake?
  3. DragonMage

    Logitech Joystick

    We need more information of what kind of joystick it is.. USB? Gameport? If it is gameport, is it connected to a soundcard? But here are some clues Make sure you have the documentation and development packages installed. Then read (Using your favorite text editor or just plain less command) /usr/src/linux/Documentation/input/joystick.txt It should contain the clues you need. I figure you need at least to modprobe joydev and analog ' Hope it helps.
  4. DragonMage

    Geforce 4

    I don't think you can blame Mandrake for poor initial support for GeForce4. That should fall upon the XFree project. They are the one that makes the initial drivers. Although I cannot help but wonder if Mandrake allows an rpm download of nvidia drivers from their server during the "download security/patches" section of installation.
  5. Well, isn't UT2003 is basically a similar engine as in UT and since most of the hardwork is done beforehand (making linux client that is) that they can ship linux client together with windows client with hardly a sweat. Not to defend Bioware or anything.. I am still miffed in not having NWN linux client, but Bioware did do a nice job in making NWN.
  6. BTW, you should search it in the old MUB, not here.. HERE.. exactly.. This board is still in its infancy so you won't find the info if you search here. :)
  7. There are tons of things changed between version 8.2 and 9.0. The compiler and library change alone can break tons of compatibilities. Added with X Desktop change (kde2 to kde3 and gnome1.4 to gnome2) and you can receive tons of problems in upgrading, even for package only upgrading. So like Afrosheen said, better keep your /home in separate partition, backup the data you know you'll need (such as /var/www/html and your sql directory) and clean install from scratch, restore the needed files, and voila.. a brand new, clean, sparkling, and hassle free linux environment.
  8. I think Mandrake has learned from their mistake in just renaming RC3 to Final in 8.2, since there are tons of problems associated in 8.2. Now with 9.0 (a .0 release), they don't want to lose their reputation in making an unstable distro, especially with so called very friendly RedHat Null on their heel.
  9. http://new.mandrakestore.com/mdkinc/index....ANG_=en#GOTO_73 That's basically Freq in a new name :) Anyway, I think that since the mandrake releases so fast, (every 6 months), people just don't think for Freq if they want to keep their systems up to date, all they need is just get the newest ISO version of Mandrake instead. Now that Mandrake plans to slow down their releases to once a year, Freq could be a doable thing again.
  10. Doable, yes, ideal no. I think slackware should be a lot better for older pentiums, especially if you don't use X. Of course it's just my opinion.
  11. Either that or the return of MandrakeFreq. I think the freq disks are a godo idea since with marcello doing kernel 2.4, it seems that it will take months before a new stable kernel 2.4 version is out, so you don't need to upgrade the core things that much.
  12. From pclinuxonline It seems that Mandrake 9.0 RC3 is out. Last chance to squash some bugs before it goes final. Time to borrow my friend's cablemodem again it seems :) (Just want to test whether the Everything Linux topic is working or not :) )
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