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  1. kde works quite well for me with nvidia and compositing enabled...that is when I manage to get it enabled bit once that is sorted out, no problems whatsoever... mdv 2009.1 in general is looking very nice but I don't think they should have postponed the release already, people work harder under the stress of a deadline, it should have been delayed when the deadline was reached and the state of cooker was still to buggy.... anyway it is good they decided to release after ubuntu, after the last few mdv releases, mdv got a lot of attention until ubuntu release and then it's just ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu....
  2. isn't the barriers option a journaling option? it makes no sense when turning of journaling... http://kernelnewbies.org/Ext4#head-25c0a12...437c38e79f39f63
  3. you could go for ext4 w/o the journal option but that would be quite hard to use even on linux because you would need a very recent kernel;
  4. KDE4 is quite memory efficient, I have brought down the memory usage to 170MB (same as xfce) at startup. It sounds more like a memory leak or some runaway process; Use ksysguard or top or evenbetter htop to see which process takes up lots of ram or cpu.
  5. harddrake no longer is a service but started by initscripts
  6. harddrake should take care of this automatically, just plug in the main drive with / and home and try to boot from it, this may take some bios tinkering to get it right
  7. me neither but I mostly use opera too, so I haven't tested ff much
  8. Don't get the bluetooth keyboards, especially not the logitech mx5000, it sucks badly both under windows and linux as it keeps losing its connection; the mx3200 is good but there may already be a newer model
  9. what do you mean by better, that linux has shorter battery life? http://event.asus.com/eeepc/comparison/eeepc_comparison.htm
  10. known bug and fixed, do you know how to update from the terminal? https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=44358 the vesa driver has no influence whatsoever on which desktop you run. try select kde4 from the login screen? else just install task-kde4 (again)
  11. ffi

    KDE 4.2

  12. Not what I am experiencing at all. Linux is fat more aggressive at swapping out by default than windows making switching between different apps quite slow; also video playback is not as smooth (when did ati implement xv again?) my girlfriends laptop runs (1.6GHz centrino m/ ati x600) runs windows very smoothly but linux, and I have tried a few, ntfs>ntfs-3g>ext3, there are plenty of benchmark rating linux (and bsd) performance very favorably compared to windows but all these benchmarks are situations you would never find in a desktop usage, only server usage; like I said: linux is optimized for servers, windows for the desktop
  13. They are trying to make a desktop that could work on embedded devices with touchscreens, hence no right mouse options like we used to in kde3.5 (and every other desktop, except for osx in fact) but that simply just doesn't work for desktop users and I don't believe touchscreens will ever be able to replace keyboard/mouse for the desktop, it's anatomically too impractical
  14. no way, even linux' s ntfs-3g driver is faster than native ext3; it is getting better though I remember before we had relatime, there was only atime and noatime, atime was so slow and so is the ordered mode of ext3, ext4 should be better too linux is good on servers but on the desktop...I am not to sure it doens't feel like it (and I am comparing vista to linux)
  15. you could be right not in mdv, I guess that was ubuntu because you need to log in as user:root and root password but root isn't set up in ubuntu
  16. the plugin gets installed once you enter the correct web address but vmware has gotten such a pain to install and maintain, I prefer virtualbox iirc you had to run ff as root once to set everythinh up...
  17. wireless cards are cheap enough, not worth the endless days of troubleshooting :) if you're laptop has mini pci or mini pci-express I would recommend one of those cards because you could make use of your laptops inbuilt antenna (even if it did have a card to begin with...)
  18. move next to the access point and see which one is faster?
  19. There is one thing that keeps me getting back to kde though and that' s the gtk file selector, man I hate that thing
  20. http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl...mp;pageNumber=5 Well maybe now the kde people will start to rethink their plans and give us back our desktop? (in all honesty kde4.2 isn't all that bad but it still isn't good either and some fundamental design problems remain)
  21. ffi

    not booting

    I was using a patched grub;Â
  22. ffi

    not booting

    I had kernel 2.6.28 which has ext4 support. Anyway I had a hell of a time using mkinitrd from a chroot enviroment so I decided to reinstall and use the opportunity to go 64bit Maybe for future reference how do you chroot with /proc and /dev mounted? Can this only be done from the same flavour/version as the chrooted enviroment?Â
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