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  1. Thanks, am downloading/installing KDE-3.5.2 now. :D
  2. Did you get Klamav from the Klamav website? Or somewhere else? It isn't in my MCC in 2006. :o
  3. Ok, I'm new to Mandriva, where are the rpm's???
  4. How does one get PUP to work. When I first opened it the 'output' was: /dev/lp0 and the Printer was: Lexmark Optra 40/45. Neither is correct for me. I have a Printer: HP 3940 and it is located at /dev/usb/lp0. I opened PUP in root and was able to change 'output' to /dev/usb/lp0 but the drop down list for printers only contains 5 options unfortunately none close to my needs. Can anyone help me with this??? Of what use is a printer utility that only works with 5 models??? I must be missing something. Time to Google. B)
  5. I did find a couple of docs to install. A 'Discovering Mandriva' and a 'DrakXTools User Manual'. I already had KDE Help Center. This should be very helpful. What I want to do is get my multimedia stuff configured as well as Azureus. Among other things I need to install win32codecs, libdvdcss, and Sun Java JRE-1.5. I think I know how to install them the next question is WHERE to install them.
  6. When I installed Mandriva free the install CD's referred to something calle "Official Mandriva Linux User's Guide". Where do I find it? I have looked and will continue to do so. I need this or something similar perhaps compareable to "Stanton Finley's Installation Notes" for Fedora. Any advice out there? I guess what I am looking for could also be called a configuration guide. It's time I read RTFM for Mandriva!!!
  7. Thanks for the info. My current firefox will do just fine for now. If only I could get thunderbird to open from the 'Mail' icon. :o
  8. Thanks, I should stick to one OS until I RTFM on partioning. Where is a good manual for partitioning? What would be a good partioner to use? I have QTParted on the 'System Rescue CD' plus whatever the various Distros offer.
  9. I haven't been able to figure this out yet. I don't understand the French site enough to do anything with it. MozEx from Mozilla/Extensions won't install. It states that it is incompatible with my version of Firefox [1.0.6]. Which brings up isn't that a fairly old version of Firefox? How do I upgrade to Firefox 1.5 or even 1.0.7?
  10. Ok, I got KDE set as Desktop.and will for time being use 1 or no more than 2 distros at a time.
  11. Ok, I've got the packages installed and the KDE Desktop is up and running. The system configuration works as well now. It leads to a for pay service which I might be interested in AFTER I determine that Mandriva is my main OS. Right now I'm trying a number of systems [Fedora, Suse, and Ubuntu as well as Mandriva]. If I have to pay for all of them it could get quite expensive!!! :D
  12. I screwed things up and had to wipe my HD. I'm now working on a fresh install of Mandriva. I selected the 'Icevm' [not sure of spelling] instead of KDE desktop during the install. I now don't seem to have that option. Wish I new how to change desktop back to KDE. Can anyone help me???
  13. I managed to screw things up worse and had to wipe my HD and start over. I'm working on a Mandriva install right now but would like to install other distros on my HD [300GB]. What is best way to do that??? Also during install I selected Icemv Desktop [not sure I spelled that right] rather than KDE. Can I switch it back to KDE??? If so How???
  14. How do I get Thunderbird to open from the 'Mail' icon in the Firefox menu bar?
  15. When I go to >Mandriva Control Center>Upload Your Configuration..." I get the error "This program has exited abnormally". What can I do to correct this?
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