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  1. ChrisM, you are correct. Most comapnies don't bother to creat the forms. My uinderstanding is that it is a great deal more work that creating a regualr pdf, which to my understanding, is no more difficult than print-to-pdf in linux. Also, I believe it's only been a feature of acrobat for a cuple years, so many companies iwth older version of acrobat, couldn't make forms if they wanted to.
  2. Go to http://www.irs.gov That's the website for the US Internel Revenue Service (national tax agency) follow the link for "forms and publications" and download a form 1040. There's a 1040i and a 1040f. i is the instruction book for filling out your taxes, f is a fillable form. It's the best example of a fillable form I can offer you. Alternatively, check out the Job Application packet for Spirit Mountin Casin in Oregon, USA http://www.spirit-mountain.com/employment/...tionpacket.aspx The 1040, while it requires a litle digging, is an example of an EXCELENT fillable pdf. Teh Spirit Montain job app, is an example of a realy sloppy job app. As for permissions, the document is made with cells where text can be inserted, but the document as a whole, still cannot be edited. Also, it goes without saying that it requires a fully licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat to make one, Acrobat reader will not due. Last, when authoring one with the latest version of acrobat, you can give permission in the file for the end user to save a filled copy, or you can prohibit that. For some reason, the federal taxe forms can be saved once filled, but when I file my state income taxes, I have to print-to-pdf to save a copy. Fortunately that's no big deal with linux.
  3. Well, let me say this, and you can do what you want with my advice. Computers are dumb. I mean, profoundly stupid. They only know how to do what theya re told to do. I guarantee you, that you computer, has not been told how to automaticaly repair the kinds of errors you reported. It just doesn't happen. What that means is that the problem is still there, whatever caused it. Yea for you, there's no bad symptoms right now, but this is a temporary state. I Strongly reccomend, you do whatever is needed to find and fix the problem, or next time, instead of mysterious errors, you might loose data for real. I tend to agree with the others here. It sounds like you motherboard, particularly the ide controller or bios, are headed south. By replacing your motherboard now, while you haven't lost anything, you are buying relatively cheap insurance. If money is an issue (and when is it not an issue?) got to http://www.newegg.com and check out their prices.
  4. did you ever check your jumper settings? Just about everyone ehere suggested it, and I haven't seen you post anything about doing it, maybe I'm just blind. Anyway, it could be that still. If not, you need a new motherboard would be my assesment. I reccomend soyo.
  5. Tha may well be why cheapbytes didn't have a 64 bit version yet
  6. I have no idea what version they are offering, but they've been selling mandrake CD's the day after release since before the club was created. I'm sure if they were illegaly re-distributing something, they'd have been stopped by now.
  7. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! don't run fdisk. Bad. And if you try partition magic, be damn careful. Most anything you could do with partition magic would make it worse unles you used parttion magic to back-up the drive.
  8. I'm inclined to say yes, you're screwed. HOwever, there's some things to check. It is 'possible' that with certai incorrect jumper setting, that thing like this can appear, when in reality there's nothing wrong. That's a sctretch, as usualy bad jumpers mean the drive is not reccognized at all, or in some cases, the system won't post, but it is 'possible" And since both of these were isntalled as single drives, and you're now trying to install them as master and slave, you would need to change the jumpers. It goes without saying however, that unplugging the ribbon cable from a drive that is powered up, is probably the very worst hing you could do. So don't do that anymore, it's really not smart. It should also go without saying that changing the jumpers requires a cold reboot. Now, check your jumpers, master set to master, slave set to slave. Make sure you cabels are connected properly, long end to the mobo, middle to master, short to slave. If you're connecting them with seperate cables, so that each is a single drive, and the jumper settings wouldn't have changed, then I'm pretty sure you're screwed.
  9. For folks like me that have chosen for one reason or another, to not join the mandrake club, if you want CD's or a DVD now, head to http://www.cheapbytes.com The have for sale, all of the following. 2CDmini-install 4 CD standard 6 (4+2contrib) CD set 9CD major set (Includes the 2cd mini, the 4+2, and a CD of commercial drivers) Buy the 9CD major and get a free Tshirt DVD I believe this to be equivilant to the 6CD set with commercial drivers, but I'm not certain. AMD64 users, sorry, I didn't see one for you.
  10. have you considered whitching to mozilla-firefox? First time you run it, it will import all your links and favorites and even plugins from regular mozilla, on netscape or opera if you ahve them isntalled, and when If irst opened it up, I thought I was dreaming. way smoother than mozilla, and way more features. I promptly installed the iwndows version on my wife's laptop and showed her around.
  11. edited for stupidity. Tought I was reading a different thread.
  12. Well, that settles that, I'll be buying from cheapbytes again. I don't know, I just don't like the mandriva club.
  13. So, when should we see a public torrent?
  14. I'm sure. let's see, let me run a comand that will sequencialy remove every piece of software from my system and replace it with newer software by the same name. Yup, that ought to be fool proof. LOL
  15. You know aRTree, I used to keep my harddrive split like that, but I just found that it was a waist of hdd space MOST of the time. I've been thinking about doing that again anyway, since I want to play with getoo, mostly for the learning experience, but I need a stable and ready to go daily OS. So far, for me, mandrake has very nicely filled the niche of a stable and 'ready to go' OS for daily use. It's not the most bleeding edge, or super high pro, but it's solid, and always reasonably current. For me the only debate was whether i would install 2k5 or stay put for now. Chances are at this point I WILL install 2k5, because It sounds like it fixes several problems I've had for a long time, and then I'll eb familiar with it when my cpu dies, which I think is comping soon, and I won't install 2k6. As much as I hate trying to predict the future, I doubt very seriously that the first release of mandrake combined with conectiva tech, on the last of the 6 month cycle, will be very good. Don't worry adam, I'm not planing on ditching mandriva, I just think I'll avoid that particular release, at least until it's been put through the paces by everyone else.
  16. last question first. 120gig after to hours. Yes, it will be warm, in fact, a cheap drive will be hot, and a realy cheap drive will be so dang hot that it would be best if it had a cooler on it. Personaly, I never ehard of such a problem with mcc. In fact, I've never had mandrake control center ask me the time and language before letting me in. Ever. So first and foremost I'm confused. Are you perhaps trying to run the First Run Wizard (it's the only program I can think of that does that) If that's what you're having trouble with, and not the mcc, just try skipping the wizard, there's nothing magical in there. You can just start with the defaults and then configure those things yourself. Also, try launching the mcc from a console. the command is mcc. As for the 10.1 problems, perhapssomeone else will take a stab. My last and best advice, is that the next version of mandrake is supposed to come out today. MAybe give it a try.
  17. Byt he way, is there an official release date yet?
  18. That's a pretty big deal. I have yet to build myself a 64 bit system, for two big reasons, this is one, and the other is cost, but the costs are dropping all the time, and this will be a major headache reducer. I tried, very unsuccessfully once to set up a chroot system for compiling source for the Sharp Zaurus on my desktop and it was a NIGHTMARE. The more I read, the more I think I will go ahead and install 10.2. As I have recently discovered through the use of memtest and some ram swopping, my CPU is headed south, so my machine is likely to give up the ghost any old day now anyway. If I have to rebuild, I sure as heck isn't going to be a 32 bit system, when they are clearly going to be left behind in the next year or two. Especialy when Longhorn get's a real name and a box. I don't see 32 bit systems hanging on for long.
  19. I have just noticed the very same problem, and I use ksysguard on a pretty regular basis, so that sucks. It can be very hard to remember the EXACT name and spelling of every proces I could concievably want to shut down, but it's all right there in kde sysguard. Any suggestions would be welcome of course.
  20. This may be a very common error. If things like pen drives are not formatted with a partition table, then they won't be automounted in 10.1 Since it DID create a /dev/sda if I understand you correctly, but not a /dev/sda1 this is probably the case. To access it in the short term, create a folder where you want it to mount to, say, /mnt/stick or some such non-sense. As root, enter the following command mount /dev/sda /mnt/stick That 'should' do the job For a slightly better fix, format it with the mandrake control center partition manager, or better yet, wait for 10.2/le2k5 to come out, as it is supposed to have a fix for the no-partition table issue.
  21. IF you're going to have um upgrade all the way from 10.0 to 10.1, why not go ahead and use the sources for 10.1 Official Edition?
  22. THe card reader problem and subsequent fix, won't help with a non-linux friendly. The problem is that with a good reader and a good card, mandrake won't automount the cards if they are formated in the windows style. As in, if it has no partition table. If your card reader isn't linux friendly, I'd suggest a new card reader. They're not exactly spendy.
  23. Well, there's supposed to be a fix for usb memory media with no partition table, that will make my life better. As always, there's a new kernel, with better hardware support (or so we're told) There's a newer version of kde, and in my experience, when it comes to kde, newer is always better. As for the non-essencial updates to the mcc, well, what is or isn't essential, varries from person to person. What may be totaly useless to you, may allow the next guy to finaly get his home network up and running.
  24. I love you guys. There, that's my feedback.
  25. Well, that settles that, I'll never use suse. And too bad too, that was on my list of things to try if 2006 was too 'transitional' for me. I still just can't decide if I'll install 2k5 or not. I guess I just wait and see what the general populous thinks after the official release. (Official according to funk and wagnel, not oe/ce)
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