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  1. Noes! I must have the latest software, even if it's unstable, crashes half of the time, and potentially ruins the lives of dozens of people! (not saying it is/does) :P
  2. Five? Now I feel insulted... :o
  3. I got into Linux because I was becoming bored of Windows, and also I learned about M$ sometimes disgusting business practices&ethics on the internet. Also, I loved the philosophy of the Open Source model. And, hey, Linux was free! So I downloaded a number of distro's, most which wouldn't recognize my hardware very well. Then I tried out Mandrake 9.0, and that worked so well that I ordered a boxed set of CD's (Powerpack - still have it). Actually some things still were bad, like if I plugged in an USB device, the system would freeze (due to no good support for USB 2.0 yet... something to do with OHCI / UHCI if I remember). However, when Mandrake 9.2 came, this was solved! After using Mandrake for a while (and discovering this very forum because of it), I stopped using Linux frequently because it didn't seem to offer me much extra value over Windows XP, and there were still some problems related to hardware detection for my PC. Then I tried out new distributions, mostly LiveCD's. When I tried the LiveCD for SuSe 9.0, I was immediately sold: it looked good, detected all my hardware (possiblity because my PC had mostly popular German hardware components in them... ), looked good and was easy to configure. So I bought SuSe 9.1 boxed set, skipped 9.2 (didn't see the value) and bought 9.3 boxed set as well. Currently I'm running SuSe 10.1 that I got from a promo DVD from LinuxFormat. Now that the package management nightmares for SuSe 10.1 are over, I'm finally getting very comfortable in Linux. Coming from a background as a power-user in Windows, it wasn't easy getting used to all the differences in Linux. But I'm glad I stuck with it, because right now it is a really awesome operating system. Except for games, there is not much I'm missing, in fact games are the main reason why I boot up Windows now. Funnily enough, the reasons I now use Linux are very different from the reasons I started giving it a try. I now use Linux because of it's incredible range of high-quality (and usually free) software, it's security (go on the net without much worries), it's ease of use for file management compared to Windows and its amazing amount of customizability (thank you KDE).
  4. And can't you use OpenOffice or Microsoft Word under Crossover Office? Or even Windows running in a virtual machine? (sorry to go a little bit OT)
  5. For that matter, how would I login to an ssh server? Using only the tools I've got in front of me? Namely, a computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, and a pair of speakers... I see your point but, for a novice user, it might be not as trivial as you make it sound...
  6. You know what's funny... I just played an older game today in XP, Alt-Tabbed to the file explorer, Alt-Tabbed back, then when I quit the game the screen froze! Well, OS reacted to the mouse cursor movements, but there was no way to resize or manipulate windows, or to type something in... It's almost as if Windows XP is trying to prove me wrong with my previous comment! :P
  7. I would like to add that I run WindowsXP as well, and I haven't experienced a crash for years. Of course, it does tend to get a little bit slower as fragmentation occurs. But it's very seldom that this is necessary. I renamed the "/home/bin" folder to "/home/.bin" in Linux a couple of days ago in Konqueror (didn't like it showing up in my home directory, didn't want to delete it), and Konqueror crashed. However, try a joke like that in Windows and there's a big chance the whole system freezes. It has also a lot to do with user behaviour. Me I've never gotten a virus in the last couple of years. I've also secured my dad's computer with the same measures (antivirus, Spybot, Firewall, ...) and he has gotten 3 viruses in 2 years! Probably courtesy of someone installing "shady" media players, or people indiscriminately opening attachments (with me, e-mails with attachments I don't know the sender of and/or dubious subjects just get deleted without looking... if they survive the spam filter that is). Still, the first time (not long after he bought the new PC) I was completely puzzled as how to the virus got there! And I also agree that most hard-core gamers I know are very knowledgeable about computers, stay on top of technology, and often serve as the "local helpdesk". One might even say that, if Windows wouldn't have all these games, a big part of the "unofficial Windows support team" would dissappear! We can joke and ridicule Micro$ofts products all we like, but doing so doesn't take away the weaknesses Linux has. But to be fair, try to make one thing easier, and chances are you made something else harder. So it's a fine balance. Future, however, is looking pretty good for Linux, IMhO.
  8. This one: http://www.linux-xp.com/ ? :P
  9. The guy does make good points. However, that is not an excuse to be blind for the faults of either OS... and improve them, if/where possible (!)
  10. Ok boss. :P Below (see links, thumbnail) post are screenshots of my new desktop. I'm quite proud of it. B) Please rate it. - SuSe Linux 10.1 (the one with the messed up package/update manager) - KDE 3.5.1 "level a", witch backports of KDE applications - Transparency for taskbar and menus - Icons: Crystal Diamond 2.0 - Classical - Window Decoration: Powder - Background: self-made screenshot of "Valle De La Luna" (valley of the moon) in Chile. Additional screenshots: - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/desktop_november.jpg (with the MacOSX style topbar enabled) - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/de...p_november2.jpg ('clean', without any icons or open windows) - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/de...p_november3.jpg (Komposé in action) - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/de...p_november4.jpg (2 windows open: Konqueror with really big icons and Amarok player window) - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/de...p_november5.jpg (hmmm... seems to be the same as 4, reallly :| ) - http://www.ducaet.be/images/persoonlijk/de...p_november6.jpg (show a transparent menu)
  11. Quick, somebody call a mod :P
  12. Darkelve


    First link is wrong. letter 'z' should be letter 'x'
  13. But then again the places around the Salar de Uyuni, San Pedro de Atacama and northern Argentina have v been the most amazing places (scenery wise, ermmm not "nature" wise ;) ) I have ever been too, which might include your desktop wallpaper...... Northern Argentina... we got there from San Pedro de Atacama, crossing the border Chile/Argentina. Also the Cataratas (waterfalls) were wonderful. And Missiones, we stayed in a hacienda there, and you could see only sky, clouds and grass for miles and miles! As to my favorite city there, it was Salta, very nice&cosy place, at least the center of it... didn't have the nerve to go to far away from the center. Ah, the memories... makes we want to go back there ;)
  14. Oh... okay! :P You told it before ;)
  15. It's the Crystal Diamon Icons Ooooh... so you recognize the place?
  16. I don't particularly like it either, but never could be bothered to change it. I give myself +1 for the wallpaper though :P Below (click the link) is my Linux desktop, I hope it'll be rated a little better... https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?act=Att...ost&id=2708
  17. It's sda2 I'm running SuSe 10.1 though, so I don't know if that makes a difference? I don't know what mounting method SuSe uses this time around... xD Also, for some reason I've got double entries in my iPod now... but no idea why... it's supposed to overwrite the file I thought?
  18. Same thing as last month, but different icons
  19. Hahaha, what do you know, it worked! B) # # # Script to fetch Gmail Calendar & Copy to iPod. # # clear the screen clear # download the Google calendar ical file through the private URL wget -c -N http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/username@gmail.com/private-somenumbers/basic.ics # report success echo "Google Calendar File Saved to Disk"; cp basic.ics /media/ipod/Calendars/CalendarNameOnIPod.ics; # report success echo "Calendar File Successfully Copied to iPod"; # delete basic.ics file on hard disk rm basic.ics # exit program exit 0 I put this in the /home/Darkelve/bin/ directory and changed the permissions with chmod 755 Now does anyone know how I can execute the script right after the OS (KDE?) detects that the iPod is mounted under /media/ipod/ ? Also, I think the error messages need work...
  20. Well, I decided to give it a try anyways... would this work? # # # Script to fetch Gmail Calendar & Copy to iPod. # clear wget -c -r http://someurl/username.ics cp username.ics /media/IPOD/Calendars/ echo "Script Finished"; exit 0 (I don't have access to a Linux OS ATM so I can't try myself...)
  21. Hi, I don't know anything about scripting, but what I'm trying to do should not be that hard, at least I think. I keep appointments in Gmail calendar. However, I also want to copy the calendar to my iPod nano. - Google calendar keeps an iCal file of the calendar on a location like http://someurl/username.ics - The iPod is mounted at /media/IPOD/ , and the folder for the calendars is called 'Calendars' . So full path + filename gives /media/IPOD/Calendars/username.ics - If possible, I'd like to use wget for the download (I think that's easiest too...) - easiest would be to save all relevant info in a configuration file (plain text) in the same directory as the script Also, a bit more specialized: I'd like this script to be run as soon as the IPOD gets detected&mounted. Anyone feel up to this? [moved from Terminal Shell Commands, etc by spinynorman]
  22. I'm sure there were/are quite a few cool games available for console that aren't available for PC though... :o
  23. Now you can open ODT (opendocument) files right in your browser, with this extension for Firefox! See: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1888/ B) Pretty cool. Now all we need is more Open Documents :) [moved from Software by spinynorman]
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