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  1. Does anyone have asterisk VOIP running using Mandriva PWP 2010? I'm trying to move my phone system off of that asterisk now CD over to mandriva and have not had any luck. Even a linux consultant was unable to get it running. Seems buggy. For example, right from the very beginning the asterisk management program keeps reloading/cycling in the browser (I think it's looking for hardware). Repeated restarts seems to make that go away...but then other things crop up.
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    It would seem to still be a problem. Bought some new computers a couple of weeks ago (jan 2011), installed PWP 2010.0 and went through the upgrade process - broken. Can't seem to add the PWP repositories. So for now, I've stuck with 2010.0 despite the frequent 'a new version has been released messages'.
  3. I had some work done by a consultant recently on my server (mandriva 2006). Now I'm finding that my /var partition is filling up every day and causing all sorts of problems. The problem is that /var/cache/httpd is what's actually filling up. I think this may be because the consultant had me install mod_proxy, but I'm not sure. Is it mod_proxy causing this? If so, how can I fix this. My current solution is to delete all the files in /var/cache/httpd every day :).
  4. How do I set up multiple routes on multiple ports (Mandiva 2005). I have to network cards on my server. eth0 already servers some websites on a number of IP addresses. Now I want to add a bunch of other IP addresses on my second network card eth1. Most importantly, this port is routed completely seperately form traffic on eth0. Specifically, it actually goes out to a different network. I've attempted this, but I'm getting traffic coming on on eth1 then being sent back out on eth0 - and that's not working. I hired a contractor to attempt this and that ended up for some reason causing parts of the country not being able to see our site (other visitors had no problems). How do I approach this problem? I'm relatively proficient in the mandrake configuration gui :).
  5. I've just installed 9.1. I tarred up my old directories and copied them over to the new machine. Everything seems to be running smoothly with one exception - on certain programs executed through the browser I get: grsec: From X.X.X.X: denied exec of /home/glenn/websites/www.webstite.com/cgi-bin/app/app.cgi by .........reason: untrusted. My system logs show the same error. the httpd log shows a premature end of script headers (misleading because I'm running the same program elsewhere, and it's happening on compiled C code and perl both). The script executes from the command line. The scripts are set up as 755. There are other scripts in the same directory that run fine. Of course, that means it's something unique to the other scripts - but no idea what that could be. Particularly, as I mentioned above, that all are running fine under an older version of Mandrake, but on transfer only some of them work. There's a dearth of info on grsec. I suspect I'm running afoul of 9.1 security issues (set to 'Higher"). Any ideas on what I should be looking for? Suggestions gratefully appreciated :). g.
  6. Failing any specific ideas, can anyone suggest the best way to get this looked after? I've been trotting around mandrake forums for a few weeks now without any suggestions on where to start getting some info. I'm also quite willing to read documention, if I could find any (no, I'm not volunteering to write some :) ). Maybe even a bump in the direction as to whether you think I've got hardware compatibility issues or whether it's a sequence issue? Anyone using Raid 0 - do my steps in setting up the raid seem correct? TIA.
  7. That's because it's a fabulous piece of work. Thank you for your effort - I appreciate it.
  8. I am unable to install 9.1 in a Raid 0 config on my system. Note: I am a bit of a newb at this so I suspect I'm doing something wrong instead of some deep tech problem :). Hardware: Dell 600SC with 2X36Gig Seagate SCSI HD's. Steps: ) On the first HD I then created a 10 meg partition and mounted /boot. 3) Then I created partitions on the first HD for each of the suggested partitions (using the sizes I got from step one above, as well as all of the suggested mount points) 4) repeated step 3, but using second HD. set all partitions to type linux raid. 5) assigned each partitionX2 it's own raid partition (0, 1, 2, etc) 6) went into the raid tab and mounted all of the partitions to the appropriate mount point. 7) clicked done and got 'mkraid failed'. Then I repeated this and watched for messages on screens 1 through 5 and got: -running mkraid --really-force /dev/md3 (and so on) - mkraid failed @/usr/bin/perl-install/raid.pm line 38 These were there after I setup up the partitions and formatted them (they didn't actually get formatted btw). Then I saved or hit done and saw this: - md: invalid superblock magin on ..... Any suggestions would be welcomed!
  9. Pay is OK. It's worth it if I can do some of the admin myself instead of chasing busy contract techs. But I'd like something that will get me up to speed quickly.
  10. Any suggestions on good (good as in 'good' and good as in 'I can afford it') online classes to really get up and running as a Mandrake sysadmin? I know there's lots of tutorials and info everywhere, but I want to get up and running as my own sysadmin fast.
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