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  1. Hey everyone :D I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu and there is just one problem that i think can be solved easily How do I increase the brightness or gamma of my computer screen? I knew how to do it in mandrake but I just cant find anything remotley similar to that feature in ubuntu. thanks in advance
  2. I see, but in terms of language of C++ is there any difference between the two?(Visual C++ and C++)
  3. I know most of you will get p/o'd by me asking this question: What program do you use to code Visual C++, and whats the difference between Visual C++ and C++? Thanks for the help :) [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. Please dont kill me, its only temporary :( >>;;; Linky
  5. I dual boot because...well... It's just a cheaper way of playing games reliablly compared to the options given by linux counterparts...
  6. thanks Marked the thread Solved - Artificial Intelligence
  7. Java's not slow I just have a crappy PC
  8. Superganja23


    One sime question, can X.org be updated (i have 6.7) to 6.8 and if so what do I have to do? Thanks.
  9. This is what happened I did startx when in SU (meaning when I was in root) then I went to the configuration center, from there I went to the system tab and selected display manager. Then I changed my login screen to the GNOME theme, it asked me if I wanted to do this and would have to restart X if I did, I selected ok. Unfortunatley the channel :0 wasn't able to load it so this new screen prompted me if I wanted to create another server channel, I said ok and then the survey came up and after that everything worked!!!!
  10. Solved the problem.... Gues what it was... the dam first time survey!!! once I completed that everything started to boot up again :P And special thanks to everyone who helped me on IRC (tyme),
  11. So I tried changing my video drivers using the command XFdrake in super user mode (root) but unfortunatley it didn't work! Before I proceed any further I will provide you with my system information: Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz PowerColor Radeon 9550 256 mb (AGP 4x) Asus P4S500 mobo 256 mb ram 1 CDRW 1 CD ROM 1 Floppy Maxtor 40gb Harddrive Mandrake 10.1 Official (the free one :P) <--- the problem The default driver it is set to is Radeon (fglrx) I tried the following: Radeon Radeon (fbdev) Radeon 8500 And all of these were set with X.org 6.7.0 with 3d acceleration The problem was the same for all the drivers with the exception of Radeon (fbdev) which just made the entire screen all fuzzy... This is my first time installing Mandrake 10.1 but I have had prior experience with the previous version of Mandrake and they all worked fine with my system. Please help :)
  12. hi I just installed mandrake 10.1 official and for some reason right after linux loads up if freezes before the log on screen / KDE loader starts. I ctrl+alt+bckspc'd too see it froze but its still responsive since i was able to get into the non X.org version of linux. So what do you think could be the problem Thanks Moved to Software by theYinYeti. Welcome aboard!
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