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  1. Hello, I have used my printer (EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 900) in earlier versions of Mandrake with no problems whatsoever. I've never installed any drivers for it - it worked right out of the box. However, with the new Mandriva 2007 i cannot print anything. I tried reinstalling the printer and the OS successfully recognizes it and configures it and when I try to print something it says those "Page sent to printer.." confirmations and everything looks OK, however nothing actually happens. When I go to the cups configuration page via the web browser the printer is named like this: What does that mean? I can also see here all of my print jobs with status "stopped". Please help.
  2. Resolved. The file /etc/fonts/conf.d/04-mdk-avoid-bitmap.conf makes Firefox prioritize Lucida over the other fonts set in a css file. This probably is a bug or something. What needs to be done (a quick fix) is to remove the tags that contain replacement Lucida and everything in between.
  3. oh yeah I know that one. If you are referring to the GUI way to activate anti-aliasing, I've already done it. I have the "exclude" range deselected too. I do agree with a previous post that for Google's AdWords page it looks like that anti-aliasing shuts down for a moment. What might be causing that?
  4. I've seen that too. Tried it, no effect.
  5. yes, I have installed MS fonts already. still on certain pages fonts look broken or crushed as on the attachment i've included. they also look the same when I visit forums.powweb.com .. I don't want to disable the feature in firefox because I like to view the webpage the way designer meant to be viewed..
  6. Hello, Not every page, but some do look very ugly in Firefox. For example a portion of adwords.google.com looks extremely ugly and the place where you input user/pass is OK (see the attachment!). What do I do?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to send files from my Samsung mobile D500 to my PC. I'm completely utilizing Mandriva 2007's errata and am able to send files from my PC to the mobile phone. However, I cannot send anything vice versa. I'm lost as I don't know even where to begin debugging this problem. Here is my hcid.conf file for a start: Please help!
  8. frozen


    didn't know such a command existed.. interesting... how do I merge them latter?
  9. frozen


    I have a directory with a bunch of files exceeding 400MB in total. Is it possible to create multiple archives tar/gzip(it doesn't matter which) each of them having max size of 6MB and have 67 such small archives? Can this be somehow automated without creating each archive one by one manually? Thanks.
  10. thank you Steve. Works like a charm on my Mandriva Box. However I also need to issue this command on a FreeBSD and 'find' there views files with just one percentage sign: %20 instead of %%20. Can you please adjust the command above for that environment too. :) neddle: unfortunately, there is no rename command available on the FreeBSD box I'm using..
  11. i need a bash script to bulk rename a bunch of files containing %%20 in their filename with the space character " ". this %%20 is generated when downloading files with wget that contain spaces.. can someone please help me?
  12. is it possible to mislead traceroute? i.e. a server which is only 2-3 routers away, to be displayed as it's 20 or more routers away? thanks.
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