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  1. Hi, I have a weird problem with screen savers on Mandriva Spring on my HP dv9000t laptop. Whenever the default Mandriva screen saver appears after certain idle time,when trying to restore back the system ,it doesn't respond. I have observed this atleast 4-5 times and i had to restart the machine, by hitting the power-off button. Could someone plz suggest a way to get around this problem ?
  2. Thanks for the clarification. Now 3D problems seem to be solved now. I running Xgl with beryl and it seems to be fine now. The white cube problem is also solved,by adding a autostart script in KDE with beryl --use-copy. Thanks everybody for all the help.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Just wanted to know onething, whats the difference between the 9755 drivers i download from the NVidia site and the 9755 drivers provided by Mandriva ? Which of the two are better ? Also, i solved the X-Server restart problem by reinstating the old xorg and then reinstalling the nVidia drivers from the nvidia website.
  4. Im having more problems with 3D desktop on my HP dv9000t on Mandriva Spring. Whenever I try to enable 3D desktop by going to MCC-hardware-3D Desktop, the X-Server restarts. The same thing happens whenver I try thru 3ddrake through KDM. It asks for the admin password,after which the X-Server immediately restarts. I even dont get to see the 3d desktop options.Plz help as this is becoming increasingly frustrating. Hardware Specs; Intel c2d 1.83 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Nvidia 7600 256 MB. I use the NVidia 9755 drivers downloaded from the nvidia site.
  5. Yup,I see that loaded
  6. Thanks for the reply, you mean Beryl is better with native support rather than xgl ? Is AIGLX same as "Native" as mentioned in the MCC 3D configuration ?
  7. Sorry to bother everybody with the same issue,but I couldn't fix this problem yet after trying different potential solutions,found over the web. :wall: :wall: :wall: The issue is same old, I enabled 3D Desktop with Beryl-Xgl combo on Mandriva Spring and the cube turns white. Im able to see the Beryl-diamond image on the cube caps,but the desktop is white. Only the mouse is visible. I need help with regards to 2 things here. 1) How do I fix this problem ? 2) How do I disable 3D,when the whole screen goes white ? Can this be done from the command line ? Regarding the hardware specs, I use the HP dv9000t laptop with 1.83 GHz c2d, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD, NVidia 7600 256 dedicated. I installed the 9755 drivers downloaded from the NVidia site.
  8. Hi, I run my Presario V3000z exclusively on Mandriva Spring. Everything works fine without any problem.But I have a small glitch.Whenever I try to play a Real Media Video file (.rm), I get the video,but theres no sound played back. It seems to be a strange problem. I have installed the lasted Real Player, but it was no help. The sound playback is not available,irrespective of whether its being player in Firefox thru a web page or a .rm file is being opened directly in Real Player. Please help. Thanks, Srikar [moved from Tips & Tricks by spinynorman]
  9. Srikar

    urpmi locked? [solved]

    Sometimes, as soon as you login, there would be a Software Updater deamon running in ur System Tray. That actaully locks ur urpmi database. In some scenarios,that woud run for a lot of time, looking for updates and keeps ur urpmi locked.
  10. Ohh boy. I should really appreciate your patience on problem solving. I have so many problems to solve in life and at work, that I dont want to have new problems adding up from my laptop. :P :P For me I count every minute of time I enjoy watching movies, playing games and chatting with buddies, so I love any Operating Systems which need minimal time to get going , like Mandriva and even Windows. Every minute spend on solving some laptop related problems at home, is just loss of time in ur short span of life (lol this is too philosophical) :lol2:
  11. Thanks for the info. Im looking forward to my new laptop and can't wait to have Mandriva Spring over that.
  12. I have ordered for an HP dv9000t which has an Intel Wireless 3945 card and I think that I'm going to land up in trouble over that. I'm planning to have Vista dual booted with Mandriva 2007 Spring. Really want to have wireless working, otherwise, I would not even consider giving a go for any Linux distro. Im currently using Mandriva Spring (no Windows) on my Presario V3000z notebook and everything works very well now. Hope, wireless works out of the box in Mandriva for the Intel 3945 card.
  13. Regarding the Beryl-Wireless issue, got to the root of the problem. There were 2 problems, one being the DNS module of my wireless router was failing. Pointed the wireless interface to hit the Open Source DNS servers and that issue got resolved. Seconding, whenver 3D desktop was enabled with Native support(AIGLX i think) and Beryl combo,it was causing problems with loading the ndiswrapper. I changed the 3D desktop to Xgl-Beryl combo and now the wireless is working pretty fine and looks to be stable. Im pretty sure that there is some interference of AIGLX with the functionality of ndiswrapper with Broadcom 43xx cards on Mandriva Spring. This is not an isolated problem and it occured everytime 3D desktop was swiched on.Did anyone else face the same problem ?
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I would try this and update you with the results. FYI, I tried installing only the 1.0.14rc2 driver, it installed succesfully,but mu sound got screwed up agian and when i get an error "Unable to open /dev/dsp (Not found message)". When I type alsamixer in the console, it gives some error like "Device not found".
  15. Yes,upgrading to ALSA 1.0.14rc3 failed last time and my sound got screwed up completely. But, I have a question which is might sound silly,but plz excuse my ignorance. The ALSA driver version in Mandriva Spring is 1.0.12 while all the other utils are 1.0.14rc2. Won't it help if I just upgrade the driver to 1.0.14rc2 and leave all the other utils untouched. The last time I tried upgrading to 1.0.14rc3, it was the utils or the ALSA lib compilation that failed. I know ALSA 1.0.14rc2 works fine on my Sound Card earlier as I was able to compile that on Suse 10.2. It's just not happening on Mandriva.
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