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  1. Ask the salesman for a card using an Atheros chip. The drivers are very easy to set up. An 'older' model would be a D-Link DWL-G650, for example. Britt Dickson
  2. ifconfig wlan(0) up ifconfig wlan(0) down Britt Dickson
  3. It should be a lot easier than that, although remember that ndiswrapper was kind of flaky until Mandriva 10.1, unless you added it yourself, which I found difficult. Anyway, using text mode, I cd to the directory on my drive where the XP drivers have been exploded (It's a dual-boot setup), then "ndiswrapper -i YourFile.inf" loads the XP drivers (the .inf and the .sys), and then "modprobe ndiswrapper" starts up wlan(0) and you set it with your declarations or using iwconfig. It remembers settings between boots, and the OS will even pick up a different card if you swap them between boots, and set it all up for you. Britt Dickson Member 3.14159
  4. Hi, You shouldn't really need all the above past "modprobe ndiswrapper". That's supposed to fire off wlan(0) which will then show up with "iwconfig all". Try using drakconf, or the Configuration Center in X11 mode and add ndiswrapper there (under network connections): sometimes making the tool do it will help solve stubborn problems, even if you have etc/modprobe.conf memorized. Britt Dickson
  5. Stephen, I haven't seen the guide, but "modprobe ndiswrapper" usually gets wlan(0) going and then iwconfig will work to set it up. You can also try "Service network restart" after "modprobe ndiswrapper", assumimg ndiswrapper is set up, of course. That will also get it going. Britt Dickson Member 3.14159
  6. As a worst case scenario, you can run xf86config, choose the VESA driver when you get to choosing the graphics card, and get X to run that way. BD
  7. Use 'urpmi kernel-source-2.6 and have CD3 handy. BD
  8. At this point, 'urpmi kernel-source-2.6' would have gotten the correct .rpm from CD3. BD
  9. If you 'urpmi kernel-source-2.6' you'll get what you want. BD
  10. Murda: Here's the steps i followed to get access to this Win2000 laptop from my Mdk 10.1 box via ethernet: Win2000: Share drive(s) Set Permissions | Include Network as a user Control Panel | Network | Name your Workgroup reboot WinXP: Share drive(s) Set Permissions | Include Network as a user Windows Explorer | Tools | Folder options | View Tab | Simple File Sharing Control Panel | Network | Name your Workgroup reboot 10.1 and KDE: System |Configuration | Configure Your Computer => Mandrakiva Control Center Mount Points Local Disk Sharing - enable mode you want Samba Mount Points | Search Servers | Select System(s) | Name Windows drives: 'Win2K_C - WinXP-D - Windoze-E' etc. | Mount Drives | Name Samba domain same as Windows WorkGroup (You may have to search around to find all these options, as i don't have KDE up, but I remember them presenting pretty clearly) Done Now the drives are mounted, and you can read them. It's gotta work, or your money back. BD
  11. I think i've tryed everything, is there anybody who actually succedded to network Linux & XP ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Xp's File sharing is inherited from Win2000 and a huge PITA unless: Open Windows Explorer Tools | Folder Options View Tab Scroll to the bottom, click Simple File Sharing (recommended)' reboot and try your samba mount points again. BD
  12. Try F1, then 'linux expert text noapic'. Works most of the time, and gives you options you don't get without expert. BD
  13. You can still download the community version. ??? BD
  14. The community version does not include some things that the official release does. Madwifi is one example. BD
  15. of course, using k3b, CD>burn CD image <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When I was playing with Gentoo, they suggested a floppy boot manager called smart boot manager. It has solved my problems with CD's not booting. http://btmgr.webframe.org/ BD
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