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  1. Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 is out. It fixes some security vulnerabilities and some stability issues. See the complete list of changes here. The full Release Notes can be found here.
  2. What's on your mind?

  3. Type uname -a in a terminal program (Konsole in KDE) for the kernel in use. Then you have to install the matching kernel source in the software installer.
  4. /etc/modprobe.conf is a simple text file. You only have to copy & paste that line to the end of the file and save the file. Use a text editor (kwrite, kate, gedit etc) and not a word processor because word processors save formatting info into the file. However you have to do it as root because with your normal user account you're not allowed to edit system files. To do that you have to launch a terminal (command prompt) application. There are several the KDE one is called Konsole. The Gnome one is gTerminal IIRC. In this application you have to type commands. So type su it stands fo switch user. By default it switches you to root. Give your root password. Note that it won't appear on the screen. Now you have to type the name of the text editor you chose to use e.g. kwrite (for KDE) or gedit (Gnome). Now the text editor runs with root privileges and you can edit that file.
  5. Or they just wanna get through their "Hey, we're not a monopoly!" message.
  6. Are you sure this project is still alive? The latest release is from December 2004: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lida/files/
  7. I think we'll get 3.0.13 with automatic update.
  8. Firefox 3.0.13 has also been released: It fixes the following security vulnerabilities: http://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox30.html#firefox3.0.13 Release Notes: http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/3.0.13/releasenotes/
  9. Urpmi is broken. I assume rpm is still intact. Urpmi is using rpm. So you have the install DVD. In the x86_64/media/main directory there is urpmi. Install the package which just has urpmi in its name. Not urpmi-parallel or urpmi-ldap.
  10. Just to make sure you did that after using the "su" command, didn't you? If that's the case then you have to download the urpmi package which mathches your distro release from a Mandriva mirror and install it with the "rpm" command. Which Mandriva release are you using?
  11. Microsoft contributed driver code to the Linux kernel under the GPL v2 license. Don't hold your breath though. They contributed only 3 drivers and "these three drivers are made specifically for Linux to perform better while being virtualized on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V". But still... The whole story on OSnews.
  12. Version 3.1 of GenMIBLive is already out. In this version: 1) Languages added: Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian, Swedish, Chinese, Albanian; 2) Other corrections of errors in languages and Bootsplash; 3) Improvement in the customization of a theme manager; 4) Inclusion of aid on the menu; 5) Better burn of the ISO to DVD. Download: It's better to have all MIB repos configured to satisfy dependencies! genmiblive-3.1-69.1mib2009.1.noarch.rpm
  13. No I still have 3.0.11 too. Guess they started to make it then 3.5.1 came out and they restarted it.
  14. For those who want to create their own customized Mandriva live media (CD, DVD, USB) Mandriva Italia Backports created GenMIBLive. Version 3.0 has been released with some bug fixes and some new translations and features. Currently available on the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Greek. Starting from this version you can generate and use your personalized graphic theme, and you can generate a Usb Storage live from a previously created iso file. To download you need the MIB repos to install all the dependencies.
  15. Title says it all. The whole Penumbra collection is sold for only 5$ but only on this weekend. If you'd like to support game studios which release their game to Linux here's your chance. http://www.penumbragame.com/
  16. Firefox 3.5.1 is out. It fixes a critical security bug and the slow start on some Windows system. You can read the full Release Notes here.
  17. One of the French speaking Mandriva communities MLO released its first English live CD. This liveCD is a Mandriva Linux One KDE4 2009.1 modified and geared toward new users of Mandriva Linux and especially users migrating from Windows. It has the kernel, KDE 4.2.4 and all updates till 10th of July 2009. Packages included are : - Akregator (RSS reader) - Amarok 2.1.1 (Audio player) - aMsn-0.98 (MSN client) - Firefox 3.0.11 - gajim (Jabber client) - Gimp 2.6.6 (Image manipulation) - Gwenview (Image viewer) - k3b (burning software) - KolourPaint (Paint program) - Konqueror (File manager) - KsCD (Audio CD player) - KSnapshot (Screenshots software) - ktorrent (Bitorrent client) - Okular (Document viewer) - Openoffice 3.0.1 (Office suite) - system-printer-config (Printer manager) - Thunderbird (Mail software) - unrar (Archiver tool) - wine 1.1.25 (Windows emulator) - VLC 1.0.0 and its plugins: (Multimédia player) BitTorrent download of this liveCD is available here. The torrent includes the ISO file, the sha1 and md5 files and a directory including Mandriva Seed (linux and Windows), an application to make a liveUSB.
  18. I don't understand what you wanted to say. So no.
  19. Also, do you really wanna wait until there will be unquestionable evidences? This is about prevention. Never before in history was so many information in one hand, no matter how dramatic it sounds.
  20. From what I heard this OS is just running Crome and Google online services in it. So it's not an introduction to Linux at all even if it is using Linux kernel.
  21. I think this is getting blown out of proportion. Though I would be angry if I were wobo or a member of mandrivauser.de I still think this is too much. During the years I saw many stupid things Mandriva did, but never any sign of malice. Sure you can criticize them, they deserve it we all know. But if Mandriva goes belly up that will be good for nobody.
  22. Title says it all. You can read the Release Notes before downloading.
  23. The errata page is for end users so they can find an already known (and probably fixed) bug in a user friendly way.
  24. I haven't used xmms or relplayer for ages. Are you sure that those programs use pulseaudio? Or when you play something in xmms nothing else has sound not just the wav file?
  25. For me Amarok doesn't play certain file formats like m4a (mp4) or wv (wavpack). What kind of file is that? Or you mean Amarok plays the same file in your collection but doesn't play it when it's not in your collection.
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