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  1. yeah it is exactly as described, I did a clean install and I was impressed how fast my computer became compared to the previous Mageia 4 which was also a good release I'm still installing most of the previous software that I had but I can honestly say it's GOOOOD
  2. breathing...learning and wondering

  3. Exactly it's Just in case you are looking for it :thumbs:/>
  4. another thing you can try to do because maybe the shockwave is not letting the libflashplayer.so plugin work (it happened to me)why don't you try to disable or even try to move the shockwave plugin to another place (that's what I did) example your /home folder so you don't lose it and leave the libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, restart the firefox (close it and open it again)and see if it works (it worked for me, well it was not mageia but it is on mandriva) but I think it should work, if it doesn't you still have the shockwave file in your /home folder to move it back to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. but you need to be certain which one is the shockwave plugin in your /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins so you don't move another plugin. I did that with mandriva to resolve the conflicts that I had, once I did that it let me watch youtube or any other site that requires flash...
  5. also you can think about for what you need it..office, maybe gaming...although most of those cards are been released for gaming...but it coupd help you since it could narrow the search and maybe save you a few bucks that you could use later
  6. I'm lost as well, at this point they still have the same post they had back in Jan 30th....somebody has heard anything?...
  7. I hope they don't close, it'll be a shame ;) I'm still surprise by the whole thing :mellow:
  8. I agree, I tried to translate it but didn't work ;) I think it has something do to with mandriva 2011 installation and not having enough space to install :unsure:
  9. sorry I didn't have any idea so I googled it got this that links link1 and Link 2 which help me understand, sorry I couldn't help w/ a solution but maybe with definition of possible causes best luck ;)
  10. I wouldn't be using the testing repositories if I were you... have you tried to see if the ndiswrapper is not working because there's already a linux driver selected for the card?\ see if that's the case
  11. Hi if you want to know where did you install GRUB... I normally just cat it's map $cat /boot/grub/device.map I don't know if this is any help for you, Or I don't know if you meant to find the grub menu list and modify it?
  12. working and studying...tired :)

  13. Hi I'm still concern with all the replies that I've seen here and I'm just wondering if in order to have Mandriva2011 we have to download a whole DVD? or they will still have live CD's? and also what about Gnome? that means we will have to install all the task-gnome after installing KDE or We still don't know? 't
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