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KDE desktop icons won't stay put!

chris z

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ok guys & gals, help me here if ya can..........


i'm using KDE3.1.4 on MDK9.1. i have some pretty wallpapers set up & i want to move my desktop icons so they don't cover up portions of the wallpaper. i can move icons to any place on the desktop(s) i want to, but the problem is after i shutdown/restart/reboot/login/logout, the desktop icons are always back to being lined up vertically on the left side of the screen. i have tried the following so far, to no avail.......


placed the icons to my liking & checked the KDE "restore previous session" in KCC

placed the icons to my liking & checked the KDE "start with empty session" in KCC

made sure all icon permissions are for me (user>chris).....they are

checked all through KCC->look & feel for a desktop icon placement setting (there is none)

right clicked the desktop for a icon placement setting.......there are three options:

line up horizontally

line up vertically

snap to grid

i've tried using each of those settings & then moving the icons...........no go.


so, is there a KDE user (or even a non KDE user) out there that can give me an answer to this annoyance? i've Googled 'til my eyes are crossed, to no avail. :wall:


and, no, don't tell me that i should just leave the computer always on & never shutdown or reboot. :D


thanks in advance for any help provided,



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It did the same thing to me! I don't have a fix but something that seems to work for me. I line my icons up at the top of my screen, right click the desktop and choose - Line up horizontally -- the I right click again and refresh the desktop. Ii seems to work but every once and a while I'll get 1 icon placed WAY outta line! :angry:

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just tried that Durvish. but, alas, after rebooting the icons were back on the left side of the screen. :wall:


thanks anywho,



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wooohooo for me! :headbang:


ok, Durvish, & anybody else that may have this problem with KDE, here's the fix..........


i was poking around my desktop directory & noticed 2 files that hit me like a ton of bricks. i arranged the desktop icons to my liking, deleted said files, rebooted, WALLA! everything stayed where i put it! so, to accomplish said feat, you need to...........


click on "home"->

navigate to /home/user(you)/desktop/

delete the following files:

.arrange icons (if it exists. this will only be there if you right clicked the desktop & choose one the the icon alignment options)



reboot, or logout of KDE & log back in. presto!


hope this might help some other folks with the same problem.



just noticed Durvish's last comment. yes, i do have KCC set to "restore previous session". so, to test on that theory, i just tried logging in & out without saving the session & the icons are still where i left 'em! so the key is to delete the above 2 files, regardless of your session settings.



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Where do you get pretty wallpapers?


try here:




or here for KDE:




or do a Google search:


wallpapers & themes



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YOu have installed all of the Mandrakesoft KDE updates from this site's download area by now, haven't you?






ummm, not sure what you're driving at with that query, or how it might pertain to my (former) icon problem, but to answer your question, yes.......i have all MDK updates installed, KDE & otherwise.



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