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Error : "File or Folder doesn't Exist"

Guest JeetNayan

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Guest JeetNayan

Actually i have a desktop of the configuration : Intel Cerelon D processor;RAM:256 MB;80 GB HDD;DVD/CDRW;


I am new to linux,I have recently installed Mandriva 2008 on my machine on a separate 10 GB partion;the remaining partitions are of type NTFS where i have a lot of data.


From the start i was only being able to read data form the partitions of NTFS type but not being able to write to them, this was my first problem.


But suddenly a error started coming which says : "File or Folder /mnt/win_c does not exist" when i am trying to open my Drive C using konqueror. this is happening for all the NTFS partions.


But when i can view all my file within win_c from the terminal using ls.


please help me with this problem.

thanking you in advance.


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Ensure you have the package ntfs-3g installed.  You might want to also install ntfs-config which is a graphical utility for configuring your ntfs drives.  Both packages are available in the Software section of Configure Your Computer or you can install via commandline as root with

urpmi ntfs-3g ntfs-config

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I don't think that Mandriva 2008 had ntfs-3g... just the read-only ntfs driver.

The issue is very likely due to insufficient permissions for the user.

Can you please give us the output of

cat /etc/fstab


And, for safe+fast read+write from/to NTFS partitions, you will need a reecent ntfs-3g driver.

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