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Financial/money management programs?


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Has anyone found or used a program like MS money that will work on Mandrake9?

I downloaded "freemoney" and can't figure out how to install it, and then "jMoneyAtHome" same deal, and one called "opale" which wouldn't compile, and an RPM called "grisbi" which installed fine, but I can't read in French.

Any help is ALWAYS appreciated.

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I found Gnucash to be a pain although some like it a lot. I still use Quicken. I was thinking of purchasing Crossover office because it works with Quicken. Right now I have three apps I have to use with Windoze and I'm trying to get it down to just the one I need for business.

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Guest shavenyak
I was thinking of purchasing Crossover office because it works with Quicken.


Don't bother. Quicken (at least, the 2001 version I'm still using) works almost perfectly with the latest free Wine versions. I'm running it on top of Mandrake Cooker and Wine 20021007. Even the online stuff works right.

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I've been using GnuCash for a while now, and I really like it.


I would give it a chance before you jump ship to Wine/Quicken.


I exported my MS Money file to a QIF, imported it into GnuCash, and transitioned nicely.


I haven't had any problems with it, and I am using the version from the Mandrake 9 cd.


Good Luck.

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Hi all,


I have yet to find a finance package on Linux that suits my needs.


As a minimum I expect the package to update regular payments, such as standing orders, direct debits etc, automatically. So far all the packages I have tried either issue a warning that a regular payment needs manually updating or don't even do that.


The last program that I was able to use that did this was UltraAccounts on the Amiga. If anyone knows of a linux package that can do this that I may have overlooked please let me know.

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OK, Ive got GnuCash installed and working, but can one of you GnuCash users tell me please,

What in the world is "imbalance"?

I got both my savings and checking enterd and balanced, then for the hell of it I clicked on "Check & Repair account"

and it created this "imbalance" line at the top of my accounts list, which lists my balance as a negative number.

(like -$1289.63)

Im new at this and it makes no sense to me, can't find reference to it in the help section.

Please advise.


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I can't tell you about that particular problem but I will tell you that Gnucash uses a double-entry bookkeeping system. That means for every credit there has to be a debit to offset it. Quicken, M$ Money, Moneydance, etc are all single-entry bookkeeping which is all that's needed for keeping track of personal finances. Double-entry is mostly used by companies that figure depreciation, amortization, etc. Personally I wouldn't worry about it as long as your accounts reconcile and the amounts are correct.


BTW, there's a program called Kapital for Linux that's supposed to be good. I haven't tried it because it doesn't have a free trial period. If anybody has any personal experiences I'd like to know. I want to get away from Quicken but don't really want to use GnuCash again. My biggest gripe is backing it up on a floppy. It generates so many log type files I never know which one to save. I wound up accidentally reformatting my /home and lost everything and had to go back and re-enter 9 months worth of account information from my statements. I decided to go back to Quicken not long after that because I couldn't figure out how to resolve the backup problem. Any advice?

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