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screensaver in 2010


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i'm trying to switch my screen saver off, its a bit annoying when i'm trying to watch a video


i've dissabled all the settings i can find but it still comes on after 10 mins - even tried setting it to 2 hours, 10 mins later and its back on,


in the end i created .xinitrc and added this


xset s off


seems to have worked, but its a bit 'permanent'

and it won't be saved when i image my / partition


is there another way i can switch my screen saver off ? - so i can have an option of switching it on if i need to





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In VLC, disabling the screensaver basically works right out of the box.

With mplayer and its frontends, you have to do a couple of things:

nano ~/.mplayer/config

In that file, add a line

heartbeat-cmd="xscreensaver-command -deactivate &"

This should work for all DE's - if it doesn't then change to

heartbeat-cmd="gnome-screensaver-command -p &"

for GNOME. Notice that the GNOME screensaver may stay off even after mplayer is closed, due to a bug (which I don't know if has been fixed).

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ermmm - actually i think i should have explained better,


i mean the main kde screensaver, the one in system settings > desktop > screen saver


my mandriva is for multi-media and i mainly use xine - if i'm watching a vid the screen saver comes on,


if i'm listening to music (via amarock) i like graphics that go with that music, but if i'm listening to, for instance, tangerine dream - after 10 mins the screen saver comes on :wall: ,


i know its the main kde screen saver as i've set it to the clock - guess what comes on after 10 mins,


the file i created stops this happening, but is there another way ?

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