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Screen Saver doesn't work in 2009 Spriing Gnome


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I just did a new install of of Spring 2009 Gnome. Everything is working well with the exception of the Screensaver. I am able to test each screensaver and they work. However when the system invokes a Screensaver, I just get a blank screen. It seems to put my monitor in standby. I also have "lock screen" enabled, and that does not work either.


I confirmed thw screensaver doesn't work with compized enabled or disabled.


When the screensaver is invoked, it actually cuts the signal to the monitor as if in powersave mode. I have lock screen enabled, but it never asks me for my password.I have power settings at "Never". I didn't have this problem with KDE Cooker, Mint 7 or Suse 11.2 64bit.



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