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swap space not mounting [solved]


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i am running mandriva 2008.1, fully updated,


i was running 2008.1 and i installed 2009.1 from the live cd, but kept my /swap and /home, i didn't like dolphin to much and it seemed a bit 'buggy',


i had made an image of my 2008.1 / partition (using partimage) and decided to image it back over 2009.1,


i have just noticed that my /swap does not mount at cold boot or a reboot but i can mount it through disk management,

if i logout and login it stays mounted,


does anyone know how i can fix this so my /swap mounts at boot



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The UUID of the swap partition has probably changed.


Check the UUID of the swap partition with the following command typed as "root" user in a terminal:


blkid |grep swap


compare it with the UUID in /etc/fstab and replace the UUID in fstab for the swap partition if it doesn't match the output of the above command.

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