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Public Statement of MandrivaUser.de

David Batson

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yawn, arctic please do lock this thread, at least that will be the end of it then!
Yep, this thread has people talking and some even thinking.

We can't tolerate that so please do lock this thread!



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Now, this is getting very unfriendly and I will not tolerate any further mishbehaviour from any of you.
I have no intent to be unfriendly or misbehave, but rather to simply point out no one knows what occurred on Mandriva's side - everyone is making assumptions based on one side of the story.
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Get back on topic and continue the discussion in a civilized manner, please.


tux99: I will close it immediately, if the TO (david) requests it to be closed or if you guys misbehave. Otherwise it will remain open.

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