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Opera 10 beta1 released


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Opera 10 beta1 with Opera turbo has been released.


More info and downloads are here: my.opera.com/community/blog/opera-10-beta-1


I've installed the opera-10.00-b1.gcc4-qt4.i386.rpm from here: opera/linux/1000b1/beta1/en/ on my Mandriva 2009.1 KDE 4.2.2 system, and it's working great! Yes, that's correct, KDE 4.2.2... :)

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Yes, It's really very good.

Personally, I use since quite some time ago Opera 10 snapshots from http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/ (the gcc4/qt4 version as well, currently build 4402, which is more or less the same as beta1).

It's my default browser under ArchLinux/KDEMod 4.2.3 (I also have Konqueror with the webkit engine, FF 3.5 beta4 and Arora from git).

Most of the usual java quirks are gone, streaming media are working very well (via gnome-mplayer/gecko-mediaplayer combo), flash is pretty much OK... I'm quite happy with it.

Turbo is suitable only for dialup users- DSL ones should rather forget its existence.

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yep...but is it going to be at the repositories right :unsure: cuz..I would like to install it from repositories to avoid any problem :D ....I've installed it using source....


it's good to know and estimated time thx...

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I've always installed Opera from the rpm on Opera's website. Never had a problem. For Mandriva 2009.1 you should get the QT4 version. The QT4 version can be hard to find if you don't know where to look. I was using Opera 9.64 QT4 but just upgraded to Opera 10 beta QT4 today (I uninstalled 9.64 first). Works like a charm. Not so sure how the 64-bit versions work with 64-bit Mandriva.









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