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Features I like in Gnome


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Hi All,


I noticed I always come here with my problems, and god knows I experience many of them. Well, not only god. Also some precious members here. But for me they are just entities coming from nowhere, whose faces I never see and sound I never hear, and who resolve all my problems, so I may just as well call them god.


Anyway, god (the original one) forbid I do not want to make the impression that everything is negative. So I decided to share with you two little new things I found lately in Gnome I really like. Those of you who already know them - sorry. You're excused from class.


Up until not a long ago I used to have Avant Window Manager, so I removed the bottom Gnome panel to make place for it. Apparently my Intel graphics driver does not support the new Xorg version yet, so I disabled Compiz and brought back the bottom panel. While configuring it I found two useful features (right-clicking the panel and choosing "Add to panel..."):

  1. Deskbar - "an all-in-one action bar". It's a brilliant idea. Doesn't matter what you are looking for - you'll find it there. Directories, files, keywords in files, even webpages from your bookmarks ot history cache - just hit Alt+F3 and start typing what you want. A powerful feature if you ask me.
  2. Keyboard Indicator shows the user what language the keyboard is set to. I remember I was looking for this basic feature back at the beginning of 2008 and couldn't find it. Essential for those of us who use multiple languages.

If you have any other features or configuration tweakings you like, share with us!



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