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World of Goo


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Indescribable awesomeness B)

This game, world of goo, is just beautiful. Great graphics, great animation, lovely sounds, and interesting puzzles. There's a free demo, or you can buy the full thing. It's difficult to describe but imagine a cross between lemmings and sodaplay and you come kinda close.

Here's the link: http://2dboy.com/2009/02/12/world-of-goo-l...rsion-is-ready/

Just download the tar.gz, unpack it, and run the ./WorldOfGoo - it doesn't need root privileges.

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it doesn't work on my desktop nor laptop :( , just sound no image just a black screen or weird effects (both nvidia cards with 180.29 driver 6600gt and 9500m gs)


Try turn off compiz and/or check the log in ~/.WorldOfGoo for more info.

I'm running it with 8800 GTX 768MB with same drivers.


EDIT: Sorry, my drivers are 180.35, that's an option upgrading the drivers.

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OpenGL not available according to log, strange and I had even turned off compositing...




and unfortunately driver 180.35 will not be available for mandriva we (the users and maintainer) decided it was to problematic with kde4.2

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