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Firefox 3.0.6 on Cooker


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I prefer Opera as a first choice browser, but it tends to have difficulty with Flash on some occasions, so I always keep FF around as well. I just had a look at 3.0.6 on cooker today and I couldn't believe how bad it is. Is this just me or is anyone else having these difficulties?


Here is a list of things that don't work that I have found so far (I doubt I have found everything yet!)


Speeddial doesn't work. It gives a warning every time I start up and displays not diallers at all.


Foxmarks doesn't work. It says it is syncing, but it never does it just carries on forever.


Bookmarks don't work. Not in any way. If I import them from an html file it says it has finished but no bookmarks ever appear. If I click on 'Bookmark this page' the bookmarks are still empty.


History doesn't work. It is always empty no matter how many sites I have visited.


Flash doesn't work. Not in any form. My Opera install on cooker is working OK with flash at the moment but not FF, I can't get a peep out of it.


I have done the usual uninstall/reinstall, but it was all exactly the same.


It is not a big issue for me since I don't use Cooker that much or FF for that matter, but it would make me think twice about putting 3.0.6 onto any other installation.

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My preferred browser is SeaMonkey, the real successor of the old Netscape/Mozilla browsers.


While it uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, Seamonkey's GUI has many more features and options, especially in the Preferences menu, Firefox always looks to dumbed down to me, worse than even IE...

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