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Pixelated screen on first boot


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I put Mandriva 2009 xfce edition onto my wife's computer the other day, a process which was a lot more difficult than it should have been. However, I managed to solve all the problems bar one and that is that on every cold boot the screen and all the menus, fonts, icons etc take on a pixelated form as if they are being shown through some distortion filter. All I have to do to get rid of it is to restart the x server and it all returns to normal, including through any number of logouts and reboots. If you shut the machine down however it starts up again with the same problem.


Weird eh?


She has a Radeon mobility x1600 graphics card and is running with Compiz enabled from MCC and compositing enabled from the xfce 'widow tweaks' menu. Both of these are necessary since she wants to run the AWN dock. The graphics card and driver are obviously able to run this set up as they do normally as soon as you restart X, they just won't start off like it. Switching off compiz is not an option as the AWN dock relies on it.


Any ideas?

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At the moment, the opensource (radeon) xorg driver works WAY better than the closed source one (fglrx). You should give the former a spin.

Compiz works dismally with both driver versions. I suggest... err, just disabling it, until ATi issues a good driver- opensource or not.

And... you can run awn under xfce by just enabling xfce's internal composite manager- you don't have to run compiz (fusion) for that. But since most AWN widgets don't work under XFCE4 (unless you install virtually the whole of ugly Gnome to activate them), you shouldn't (IMHO) bother that much about them.

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Thanks for that scarecrow, but unfortunately enabling the radeonhd driver resulted in no graphics at all and a trip to XFdrake to reinstate the ati driver so no joy there.(I have an Nvidia card on my machine and all this makes me realise how lucky I am).

Regarding your comments on compositing window managers in xfce, I would love to believe that is true since nobody hates compiz as much as I do. Unfortunately if I disable compiz then the option to select compositing from xfce goes away with it, and if I re-enable compiz it comes back again, so I am sorry to say that doesn't work either.

As for AWN well you are right in that not all the plugins work, but enough of them do work to keep me happy with using it (although I must admit I am not sure how much of gnome I have installed along with the plugins - but it isn't as much as you suggest). Also my wife was impressed with AWN as well which is why she asked me to install it on her machine, and anything that helps to convert windows users to the cause is worth the hassle of a few superfluous files as far as I am concerned.


EDIT: A slight correction here, on Cooker you are completely correct, I do not need to run compiz to get awn to work, but on 2009.0 I definitely do need to, perhaps that is something to do with the xfce versions?? On 2009 it is 4.4.2 on cooker

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