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How to test your RAM memory for defects


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I have written a short article on how to test RAM for defects, I hope this can be useful for less experienced PC users experiencing random crashes or lock-ups of their PC, to help track down the cause.


You can find it here:



Comments and suggestions are very welcome!

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The content is great. Very thorough. I would make a small suggestion. I would move the "Warnings" section to the top of the article, right after the title and sub-title, to encourage it being read before attempting anything.


Thanks for the compliments, I think the 'warnings' section at the top of the article would scare off some unexperienced people from even reading any further (and would disrupt the page layout too much), but I have now put a highlighted note to read the warnings section, at the beginning of the diagnostics section, to which they primarily apply.

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I think it's fine where you placed it now, it wouldn't necessarily need to be at the top - only just before when you start to say take out memory, etc, etc it's enough just to say before.

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