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Intel 915resolution not working [solved]


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I'm new to the forum and need help configuring the intel drivers on my aspire laptop.

I'm running MCN Live 2007.1 on a USB Microvault. Everything woks as expected except the resolution.

Apon first running the resolution wizard it asked me if I wanted to use the 915 drivers and I said yes.

The resolution could now be changed to 12x8. Great I thought. I shutdown the session and rebooted into it today

and I'm back to 12x7 and It wont allow me to change it. I tried specifying different drivers and configurations in Harddrake

and I end up with a mirrored version of my screen and a rainbow of colors under the taksbar panel.

My video card is an Intel 945GM and I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.



[moved from Hardware by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]

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Welcome to the board! :beer:


Well the first thing I would do is locate a 2008.1 version. The linux world moves quickly, and there have likely been many hardware related improvements, especially concerning laptops.


Are you running KDE? Can you run KRandRTray under System Tools to change your screen size?

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I wasn't aware MCNLive have a later release other than 2007.1. The only other distro similar is Mandriva Flash

and I dont want to pay for it when the one I have works OK. Regarding your questions.......

Yes I am running KDE and no, KRandRTray will not allow to change it any higher than 10x7.

Harddrake tells me that I'm already using the 12x8 res but in reality I'm not.

Heres some screenshots.




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unfortunatly 2007.1 wasthe last offical version of MCNL released, the creator retired.


there are several of us working on a more contemporary version, but thats a whole nother story.


ive never worked with intel video, but linux in general trips me up a lot in resolution changes typically in the same way.


1st I would go into the hardware display setup and make sure you hardware is setup properly.


you mentioned that your monitor is configured as a 1200x800 generic flat panel.


I've never had good luck with thoise "in between sizes"


have you tried using generic flat panel 1280x1024 for the monitor? and then under the DESKTOP setup see if it will allow you to resize it to 1200x800?


again its a 2 step setup 1st you setup your hardware properly, THEN you go in and setup your desktop, always used to catch me too!


try that and let us know.


however if MCNL is working well for you BUT you want a LITTLE better HW detection you can always try PCLINUXOS minime 2008.


Its a cross between 2007.1 and 2008.


I'm using that, along with the scripts from PDL and MCNL and everything is pretty stable.


the ONE caveat is that PCLOS uses the Synaptec Package Manager (instead of URPMI - although RPMI is still available)


hope this helps.



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One suggestion that I could give you is to ask this question in the general HW forum if you havent already.


Although your using MCNL, it really isb't anything more than a stripped down MDV 2007.1.


So i think its less a MCNL issue and more of a driver issue.


although I understand the issue.


I have a 'car pc' that uses a VIA C3 processor and unichrome graphics.


EVEN though MDV now "supprts" oth out of yje box, I never make it past the selection screen to even start my install.


Gnome works great (but I hate gnome) so i finally resorted to WOLVIX.


works great and i really only use it as a BIG mp3 player so I'm ok with it



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I think I did originally post this somewhere else but it was moved to here.

I really like Mandriva and dont want to stray away from it but I'll change to PCLOS if I need to.

It correctly detects all my hardware but it's so bare and I hate Synaptic.


So, this is my last cry for help. Someone must know how to get my resolution problems solved please?

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thats great, like i said PCLOS has a better or more up to date HW detect module than MCNL did.


its at least a year more recent and in linux thats forever.


one issue I do have with PCLOS is that the number of folks asking for help seems to far outweigh the number of folks offering help.


BUT there are some GREAT remasters available.


plus as I said I'm working with that and PDL now working on a contemporary remaster of a live system, as I did for 2007.1




with THAT I was able to install MDV to my HD, and then remaster it to an ISO or USB and run them on any machine.


it was only the move to 2008 that through all the work out the door.

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