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  1. Well it was a logical move to make. It's basically Mandriva anyway and Mandriva is my favorite distro so I'm happy either way.
  2. Still cant fix the problem. Using the i810 driver wouldnt let me start X. I have switched to PCLinuxOS Minime and am very happy. Sound, video AND wireless all work. I love this distro. Thank you all for the effort.
  3. I think I did originally post this somewhere else but it was moved to here. I really like Mandriva and dont want to stray away from it but I'll change to PCLOS if I need to. It correctly detects all my hardware but it's so bare and I hate Synaptic. So, this is my last cry for help. Someone must know how to get my resolution problems solved please?
  4. It's a no go. I still get the rainbow colors at the bottom of the screen if I change the settings. Does ANYONE know how to solve my resolution problems please?
  5. Thanks for the tips mindwave. I will try configuring the monitor to 1280x1024 and see if that helps. PCLinoxOS was good to me except my Atheros wireless would not work. The only thing I ask of any Linux is that the Video, Wireless and Audio works out of the box. The rest is history.
  6. Can anyone help? I really like Mandriva and I would hate to give it up because my screen is stretched.
  7. I'm not sure what model to select though as it's a standard laptop screen. I did try selecting 'Generic Flat panel 1280x800' in MCNLive > Configure Video but the screen turned all the colors of the rainbow.
  8. Hi, I wasn't aware MCNLive have a later release other than 2007.1. The only other distro similar is Mandriva Flash and I dont want to pay for it when the one I have works OK. Regarding your questions....... Yes I am running KDE and no, KRandRTray will not allow to change it any higher than 10x7. Harddrake tells me that I'm already using the 12x8 res but in reality I'm not. Heres some screenshots.
  9. Hello, I'm new to the forum and need help configuring the intel drivers on my aspire laptop. I'm running MCN Live 2007.1 on a USB Microvault. Everything woks as expected except the resolution. Apon first running the resolution wizard it asked me if I wanted to use the 915 drivers and I said yes. The resolution could now be changed to 12x8. Great I thought. I shutdown the session and rebooted into it today and I'm back to 12x7 and It wont allow me to change it. I tried specifying different drivers and configurations in Harddrake and I end up with a mirrored version of my screen and a rainbow of colors under the taksbar panel. My video card is an Intel 945GM and I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. [moved from Hardware by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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