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problem with kde display


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Previously when I used konqueror I would right click its border at the top & choose no border. The first time this happened I got a message telling me which keys to press to undo it but I didn't record that.


I then used the control centre to change to another theme. I was using 2 desktops. This resulted in: being only able to use 1 desktop(even if I change it to 2 in the control centre); no border at the top in all windows; no taskbar buttons for each application.


I changed back to the original theme. I have a backup of the .kde folder & would like to restore it to the time before I used the control centre to change to another theme. Which folders do I copy over? How do I get back the top borders?


Also I get an error at the start saying can't load /dev/dsp sound. The sound was ok before.


I'm using mandriva 2007.


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If you have right clicked on the window border and selected No Border then pressing alt+f3 together should give you the window pop up menu, selecting advanced from the menu you should see the No Border option has a tick beside it. Untick it and you should have the border back. If this does not happen for you I wonder are you using metisse or compiz?


Sorry Spinynorman I missed the thread on the sound problem. :zzz:

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The top border is missing in all applications, not only konqueror.

Yes it's KDE that draws the windows for all your applications, are you saying alt+f3 doesn't work ?

If that is so then you can copy your back-up folder to your home directory and you will be back as you were before changing anything. Don't forget the dot before the folder name. :D

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