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Upgrade VirtualBox OSE to full version? [solved]


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What's the best way to upgrade the OSE of VirtBox to the full version? I need the built-in RDP server feature. Currently running the 64-bit edition of 2009.0 PowerPack. Was kind of hoping it would come with the commercial version of VirtualBox, since PowerPack includes other proprietary software, like nVidia drivers. Anywho, VirtualBox website has packages for Mandriva but they're 32-bit only. There's a generic .run file for AMD64 though.

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1. Uninstall all of the Mandriva vbox* and virtualbox* packages.

2. Install kernel-?-devel-latest corresponding to the kernel "flavour" that you are using.

3. Install the non-OSE version of VirtualBox. (You may have to add your user to the vboxusers group after doing so.)



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the kernel-server-devel-latest package was already installed, so I did:

su -

urpme virtualbox

downloaded the generic AMD64 run file

cd to the download dir

sh ./VirtualBox-package.run

it built a kernel module and modprobed it automagically


at this point my USB keyboard went haywire but I managed to alt-F1, login as root and issue a shutdown -h now. after cold booting back up everything worked fine. Sun xVM VirtualBox was installed with an icon in same place as before (tools --> emulators) and my previously configured Vista machine was still there too. ;)


Guess I'll have to recompile that module manually every time a new kernel comes out... was fairly painless though.

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FWIW, setting up the non-free version was even easier with the AMD64 .run file from http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/...Linux_amd64.run


just su - to root cd to the download dir and ./sh the .run file. It does all the rest. And I've never had to manually recompile anything after updating my kernel.



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