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Sir I am using Mandriva 2009


I want to view my desktop cube and I found that it is possible by pressing ctrl+F11, but it is not working. What should I do?????


And I have selected an effect called explosion in the All effect tabs, it is also not working. Am I required to install some packages to avail this facility



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Please be a bit more patient and leave more time for people to respond to your message. Like, at least 24 hours. We try our best to answer as quickly as possible, but people also have lives outside of posting on this forum ;)


As for your question, I don't know as I don't use those type of effects, but the standard key sequences should work. A quick google gave me:



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KDE4 effects are different with compiz. So, do not mess them up. CompizConfig Manager is for when you start to use 3D effects with compiz (native or XGL). For desktop effects for KDE4 there is a section in the new KDE control center for that.


I also have problem with this effect explosion and it is not working. But on my computer the key combination Ctrl+F11 initiates the 3D cube. I didn't find a way to initiate it with the mouse yet.

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